Patent Holders

Micropattern generation with pulsed laser diffraction


Ashutosh Sharma, Ankur Verma and Giridhar U. Kulkarni

Miniature lenses, systems and methods of making the same


Ashutosh Sharma and Ankur Verma

An electrophysiological sensor device and method of manufacturing the same


Alok K. Srivastava, Bhavesh Bhartia, K. Mukhopadhyay, A. K. Saxena and A. Sharma

Preparation of Ag-and-Cu-nanometals in-situ doped microbeads as antibacterial applications in water


Nishith Verma; Prateek Khare; Ashutosh Sharma

Laser-facilitated synthesis of metal nanoparticles and carbon nanofibers-dispersed PVA-based microchannels for water remediation


Nishith Verma; Prateek Khare; Janakarajan Ramkumar

An Electrolyte Insulator Semiconductor based microfluidic immunosensor device


S.Panda and R.Chepyala

Surface Functionalization Unit


R.Chepyala and S.Panda

Process for generation of nano-wrinkled substrate and its applications thereof


A. Ghatak and A. S.


A nanotextured surface immobilized structure-modified enzyme biocatalyst


S. Panda and S. Kumar

Preparation of  bi-metals in-situ doped multi-functional micro-and nano adsorbents for the control of contaminants in water


Ajit K. Sharma, Ashutosh Sharma, Nishith Verma

Preparation of activated carbon fibers/carbon nanofibers dispersed PVA nanocomposite material for lithium ion electrolyte battery separator


Ajit K. Sharma, Jayant K. Singh, Nishith Verma

Flexible Temperature Sensor and Sensor Array


S. Panda and

H.A. Ahmad

Cancer detection system



A System for generating crystal of desired size and number density of a biomolecule,

and process thereof


A. Ghatak, A. S. Ghatak

A process for fabrication of an electrolyte insulator semiconductor device having

multistep reservior


S. Panda

and A. Agarwal

Nanotextured Dielectric in Electrolyte Insulator Semiconductor Devices for

Enhanced Sensitivity


S.Panda and S. Dastidar

Cryotropic hydrogels and their use as filters


A. Kumar, H. Sami, A. Srivastava, A. Ghatak

A needle for puncturing


A. Ghatak, S. Das

Methods and apparatus to synthesize nano-metals impregnated hierarchal web of micro/nano carbon fibers for the adsorptive and catalytic remediation in air and liquid systems


Nishith Verma and Ashutosh Sharma

Process for Synthesis of Sonicated Hierarchal Web of Carbon Micro-nano Fiber and applications Thereof


Nishith Verma And Ashutosh Sharma.

  • Data Reconciliation and Validation
  • RAGE is a general purpose data reconciliation and validation software developed in collaboration with EIL R&D center. "RAGE" can handle a wide range of process units such as mixers, separators, splitters, heat exchangers, two-phase separators, tanks, etc. that are extensively used in chemical and mineral processing plants. It has been widely tested on industrial processes and is currently in use at EIL R&D center, BPCL and HPCL.

  • PC Based Hazard Analysis (HAZOP and DOW Index)
  • HAZOP and DOW index are routinely used worldwide to assess process hazards and operability of plants. This package can be used for such an analysis. Another software for probit equations, pool fire, fire ball, explosion, gas dispersion is under development.

  • Simulation of Distillation and Absorption Columns
  • The simulator is based on the Naphtali-Sandhohm method. It exploits the sparsity of the inner blocks of the Jacobian matrix. The elements of the Jacobian matrix are evaluated using analytical methods. The non-ideal behavior of the systems are accounted for by using the Wilson or UNIQUE equations of state. The multi-component efficiencies required for rigorous simulation are estimated using the Stefan-Maxwell approach to mass transfer. Entrainment is also taken into account.

  • Recovery Of Water And Inorganic Chemicals From Kraft Black Liquor
  • A process has been developed to recover and recycle water alongwith inorganic chemicals from kraft black liquor (pulp and paper industry effluent) without destroying organics (conventional process evaporates water and destroys organics and thus creates pollution). The developed process is based on membrane technology and is ready for commercialization.

  • Adsorbtative Separation System For Gaseous and Liquid Mixtures
  • Adsorbers are used for the separation of gaseous and liquid mixtures. Due to difficulties in handling of solids, these are run as batch or as simulated moving bed adsorbers. With aid of moving port system, true continuous, counter current mode of operation in a fixed bed has been achieved. It can be used for separation of bulk gas and liquid mixtures.Further R&D work is in progress which will eventually lead to commercialization.