Chhabra R. P.
Non-newtonian fluid particle systems, Transport properties of liquid metals and molten salts
  chhabra[AT]   +91-512-2597393 (O)   +91-512-2597607 (Lab)

Prof. Agarwal Avadh B.
Currently: Settled in New Delhi
   Email: abla[AT]
Research Interests: Air Pollution and environmental engineering; Catalysis

Prof. Bandyopadhyaya Rajdip
Currently: IIT Mumbai
   Email: rajdip[AT],  rajdip[AT]
Research Interests: Nanomaterials, Nanocomposites, Mathematical Modelling, Aerosols.

Prof. Chatterjee Abhijit
Currently: IIT Bombay
Research Interests: Heteroepitaxial and thin film growth, Diffusion in metals and ionic materials, Design of multifunctional materials.

Prof. Gehlawat Jagdish K.
Currently: Settled in New Delhi
   Email: gehlawat[AT]
Research Interests: Process development for agro-based materials like sugar, starch, maize etc;Reaction kinetics and design.

Prof. Gupta Jai P.
Currently: Director, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology, Rae Bareli
   Email: jpg[AT]
Research Interests: Process Intensification; Petroleum engg. ; Environment and safety in chemical process industry; Hazardous substance management; Water conservation and recycling; Inherently safer design.

Prof. Gupta Santosh K.
Currently: Distinguished Professor, University of Petroleum Studies (UPES), Energy Acres, Dehradun
   Email: skgupta[AT]
Research Interests: Bio-mimetic approaches in genetic algorithm and simulated annealing, Multi-objective optimization of industrial processes, On-line optimizing control of polymerization reactors, Modeling of Complex Polymerization Systems. .

Prof. Khanna Ashok
Process control, Polymer processing
  akhanna[AT]   +91-512-2597117 (O)   +91-512-2597852 / 7533 (Lab)

Prof. Kumar Anil
Currently: Settled in Kanpur
   Email: anilk[AT]
Research Interests: Room Temperature Polymer Catalyst for Esterification of Primary Alcohols, Polymeric Surfactants, Membrane Separation.

Prof. Kunzru Deepak
Microstructured reactors, Catalytic and chemical reaction engineering,
Pyrolysis of hydrocarbons, Petroleum processing
  dkunzru[AT]   +91-512-2597193 (O)   +91-512-2597811 (Lab)

Prof. Rao Davuluri P.
Currently: Managing Partner, Process Intensification Consultants, Hyderabad
   Email: dprao[AT]
Research Interests: Process intensification; Separation processes; Multiphase reactors; Heat & mass transfer; Solar energy.

Prof. Rao Musti S.
Currently: Settled in Bangalore
   Email: musti[AT]
Research Interests: Kinetics and catalysis; Chemical reaction engineering with a special interest in statistical modeling; Zeolite catalysis; Process engineering.

Late Prof. Rao Y. V. C.
(1964-2004), Deceased in 2008
Research Interests: Estimation of thermodynamic properties; Prediction of vapor liquid equilibria data for multi-component systems; Estimation of vibration to vibration and vibration to translation energy transfer rates in polyatomic molecules.

Prof. Saraf Deoki N.
Currently: Distinguished Professor DIT University, Dehradun.
   Email: dnsaraf[AT]
Research Interests: Process modelling and control; Online optimization; Petroleum engineering.

Prof. Singh Rakesh P.
Currently: Director, Kanpur Institute of Technology
   Email: rps[AT]
Research Interests: Process modelling and control; Online optimization; Petroleum engineering.

Bhattacharya P. K.
Membrane separation, Environmental pollution, Process modeling   +91-512-2597093 (O)   +91-512-2597817 / 6196 (Lab)