Faculty Profile  

Late Prof. Y. V. C. Rao
(1964-2004), Deceased in 2008


B.Tech., Andhra University,Vishakapatnam, 1964
M.Tech., IIT Kanpur, 1966
Ph.D., IIT Kanpur, 1972

Address for Communication:
Mrs. Y. V. Ramana
3-23/1, Kamala Nilayam
Adarsh Nagar, Old Dairy Farm
Vishakhapatnam -530040, AP

Research Interests

  • Estimation of thermodynamic properties

  • Prediction of vapor liquid equilibria data for multi-component systems.

  • Estimation of vibration to vibration and vibration to translation energy transfer rates in polyatomic molecules.

Awards and Honours

  • Fulbright Visting Research Scholar, Columbia Univeristy, New York, 1977-78.

  • Fellow, Institution of Engineers (India).

  • Fellow, Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers

List of Publications

  • J.l. Ahl, R.K. Bohn, K.H. Casleton, Y.V.C. Rao and G.W. Fynn, A Complete Energy Transfer Map for COF2, J.Chem.Phys., 78, 3899 (1983).

  • Y.V.C. Rao and B.V. Mallu, Vibrational Relaxation Times in Polyatomic Gas Mixtures: On the Validity of Linear Mixture Rule, Chem.Phys., 74, 43 (1983).

  • Y.V.C. Rao and Rahul Basu, Vapor-Liquid Equilibria for 2 Propanol-Toluene System at 760 and 550 Torr, J.Chem.Eng.,Data, 35, 361 (1990).

  • B.V. Mallu and Y.V.C. Rao, Excess Volume of Isobutanol with Toluene or o-Xylene at 303.15 and 308.15 K, J.Chem.Eng.Data, 35, 444 (1990).

  • A. Sircar, K. Lalita Sarkar and Y.V.C. Rao, Failure of Linear Mixture Rule in Vibrational Relaxzation in CO2-C4H4S Mixtures, J.Chem.Phys. 104,10061 (1996).