Faculty Profile  

Musti S. Rao

B.Sc.(Hons.), Andhra University, 1960
M.Sc., IISc. Bangalore, 1963
Ph.D., Waterloo, 1969

email: musti[AT]iitk.ac.in

Research Interests

  • Kinetics & Catalysis

  • Chemical Reaction Engineering with a special interest in Statistical Modeling

  • Zeolite Catalysis

  • Process Engineering.


  • Member, Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers.

List of Publications

  • A.K. Jana and M.S. Rao, Selective Aromatization of C3 - and C4 - Paraffins over Modified Encilite Catalysts. Coking Mechanism and Deactivation Kinetics of n-Butane Aromatization, Ind.Eng.Chem.Res., 33, 600 (1994).

  • P.V. Ravindra, D.P. Rao and M.S. Rao, Comments on Investigation of SO2 Oxidation in Trickle-Bed Reactors Operating at Low Liquid Flow Rates, Can.J.Chem.Engg., 72, 759 (1994).

  • P.V. Ravindra, D.P. Rao and M.S. Rao, A model for the Oxidation of Sulfur Dioxide in a Trickle-Bed Reactors, Ind. Eng.Chem., Res., 36, 5125 (1997).

  • P.V. Ravindra, D.P. Rao and M.S. Rao, Liquid Flow Texture in Trickle-Bed Reactors: An Experimental Study, Ind.Eng.Chem.,Res., 36, 5133 (1997).