Laboratory Development

Experimental Set-up (Designed & Fabricated)

  • Membrane Contactor - Hollow Fiber Membrane Module Experimental Set-up: A complete set-up with imported Membrane Contactor from Celgard® having all accessories for studies under both the modes; LLE, Sweep/Vacuum.

  • Pervaporation: A full-fledged world-class experimental set-up on pervaporation studies has been designed, fabricated and installed.  This includes pervaporate condensation through liquid nitrogen.

Fabricated Equipment

  • Several experimental set-ups with stainless steel UF/RO cells; stirred batch (450 ml, 600 ml) | radial cross flow (40 mm dia, 76 mm dia) | Rectangular thin channel cross flow (6 cm x 40 cm).  A 250 ml stirred reactors of stainless steel |Multi-component ED cells|Dialyzer| Pyrolysis reactor| Lamella settler| Mini Pilot Plant, etc.

  • RO/UF spiral wound membrane modules pilot plant with automatic controls (Designed by Mr. S.P. Mayor (Permionics) and Dr. P.K. Bhattacharya; Manufacturer: Permionics, India) │One bench scale set-up (Plate & Frame module) for RO (courtesy: Hydrarnautics India Ltd.).

Imported Equipment

  • Capillary Condensation porometer vis-à-vis Gas permeability Tester (PMI-USA): measuring permeability, pore size, etc.

  • RO/UF experimental set-up with radial cross flow cell (Berghoff, Germany) | RO/UF completely equipped experimental set-up from DSS (Denmark) | UF batch stirred cells (Chem. Lab., UK and Schliecher-Schull, Germany)  ED experimental set-up with multicomponent cells (Berghoff, Germany) | Several reciprocating high pressure pumps |Parr reactor (Parr-USA).

  • Enzymatic (immobilized) Membrane batch Reactor (EMR) | Liquid membrane supported unit for separation through facilitated transport.

  • Laminar flow Channel - for strain culture to enzymes, etc.


Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (Bucknell, USA)
• High Performence Liquid Chromatography & Gel Permeation Chromatography (Waters & Shimdtzu)
• Capillary Condensation porometer/ Gas permeability Tester (PMI-USA): measuring permeability, pore size, etc.
• Electrochemical property analyzer (CH Instruments)
• Membrane casting unit (Pune, India)
• Digital Refractometer of 5-decimal accuracy (Atago, Japan)
• DBX-50 digital Refractometer with two decimal accuracy (Atago, Japan)
• UV-spectrophotometer (Perkins Elmer - USA, Hitachi - Japan)

• Gas Chromatographs (Nucon, India) & (AIMIL, India)
• Aqualatic BOD analyzer (Germany)
• Ion-meter (5-Star from Orion & ISTEK-Korea)
• Water Quality Analyzer (Eutech Instruments, Singapore)
• COD reactor (Hach, USA)
• Colorimeter (Hach, USA)
• Turbidity Meter (Hach, USA)
• Pervaporator (Pervasep,USA)
• Water Testing Analyzer
• Milli – Q water purification unit (Millipore)
• Remi high speed centrifuge
• Refrigerated centrifuge (Thermo-Scientific)


  • Pervaporation membranes of both hydrophilic and hydrophobic varieties (Sulzer Chemtech, Germany) │47 mm Dia Micro-porous hydrophobic membranes (Millipore & Pall India) │ Cellulose acetate membranes of 76 mm dia. of various cut-off sizes (Spectrum, USA; Chem. Lab, UK) │Flat sheet membranes of different polymeric base including ion-exchange membranes (courtesy: Permionics, India; Hydranautics, India; Millipore, UK; Ashahi, Japan; DSS, Denmark, etc.), Nafion® membranes (DuPont, USA).