We are interested in a variety of areas in chemical engineering including hydrodynamics of slurry bubble column, molecular modeling and simulation of ionic liquids and supercritical liquids, supporeted ionic liquid catalysis, coolant loop for accelerator driven sub critical nuclear reactors etc. We have conducted experiments for varying gas to liquid flow rates in bubble column reactors to find the transition from homogeneous to heterogeneous regime based on drift flux, statistical and fractal analysis. CFD simulations on these systems have been carried out using FLUENT software. We have used COSMOS-RS, a statistical thermodynamics based approach, to predict VLE/LLE data for multicomponent systems. We have synthesized linear alkyl benzenes by Friedel-Craft alkylation by developing supported catalysts on silica gel/MCM41 backbones with AlCl3 attached to cationic or anionic bound IL embedded in the nanospaces. This overcomes toxicity and corrosiveness of HF/AlCl3 and increases yield and selectivity.

Selected Publications

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