Our research has been on the functionalization of surfaces especially focusing on heterogeneous catalysis and membrane based processes. We have, for the first time, developed a thermally stable heterogeneous complex catalyst with (ionically or covalently bonded) functionalized supports. These catalysts are inherently stable and can be used for industrial reactions such as reforming, oxidation and hydrogenation requiring high temperatures and pressures. In the case of membrane processes, our work has focused on separation of chromic acid and dyes from the solution, electrodialysis and fuel cells using charged ultrafiltration membranes. In the energy applications of membranes, such as fuel cell and electrodialysis, the internal resistance of the devices is extremely important and in order to keep it low, special materials have been developed having covalently bonded ionic liquids which exhibit very low resistance in presence of working fluids. We have also developed nano-composites involving polymer matrix. We have developed an initiating system for copolymerization, which gives rise to a stable syrup having functionalized silica as a part of the polymer chains. The syrup thus developed, is used as an adhesive to join different commercially available sheets into a composite with enhanced impact strength which would not allow the penetration of revolver or carbine gun bullet.


  • Herdillia award of the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, for excellence in basic research in chemical engineering 1986.

Selected Publications

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