The B.Tech program in chemical engineering consists of a four semester course work in basic and life sciences, engineering, humanities, and computer application, followed by a two year professional program that includes chemical engineering courses and interdisciplinary electives. In addition, our students carry out research projects for credit or informally to gain practical knowledge. On an average, about seventy to seventy five students graduate every year. Further, a student fulfilling a minimum academic requirement may transition to a double major program, which requires additional coursework and extends the duration of study to five years. All students are enrolled to the four year B. Tech program. Fulfilling a minimum academic requirement, an undergraduate may switch to a 5-year B. Tech-M. Tech dual degree program during later part of the study. Students transitioning to dual degree satisfy eligibility and academic requirements of the masterís program in addition to those of the undergraduate degree. The first four years of the study is almost identical to B.Tech course work whereas the remaining two semesters and two summer terms are devoted entirely to thesis. An undergraduate in chemical engineering may choose to enroll in masterís program of any engineering, science, humanities, or management program in the institute. An undergraduate majoring in chemical engineering may also receive a minorís degree from another engineering or science program. This requires completing 24-36 credits in the second program along with course requirements in chemical engineering.