Central Glass Blowing Section
Special Water Facility (SWF)

Southern Lab 112-(A,B)


Works undertaken in the Central Glass Blowing Section

Central glass blowing section (CBGS) is equipped with sophisticated glass and quartz blowing equipments such as Litton lathe, Eilser lathe 2 Nos. and Woodland lathe, Furnace, Cutting machine, Drilling machine, Glass Strain Viewer and Surface Grinder, Glass Blowing Bench Burners, Vacuum pump Etc.

The unit can undertake jobs to construct high vacuum glass apparatus and other related glass blowing work. On a regular basis the unit is making High vacuum glass Manifold systems and other types of complicated glass and quartz apparatus. On an average, approximately 2000 job orders are completed in every calendar year.

Following is the list of jobs carried out in CGBS:

  1. Fabrication and Modification various type of glass apparatus as per diagram/design.
  2. All type of condensers, like reflux, distillation, single and double jacket coil condenser dry ice condenser etc.
  3. Water Still Apparatus 5 Ltrs.
  4. Dewar flask with Silver coating.
  5. Soxhlet Extraction Apparatus.
  6. 2/3/4 neck Round bottom flask up to 10 Ltrs.
  7. Reaction vessel with flat flange and Jacketed vessel.
  8. Vacuum sealing of sample.
  9. Glass to metal seal (tungsten /Platinum to Borosil glass)
  10. Repairing of various glass apparatus.