Dual Degree

The Institute offers a 5 year Dual Degree programme (DD) in Civil Engineering departments.



This programme is the Bachelor and Master degree combined together. That means that upon successful completion of the necessary academic requirements, a student is awarded two degrees:

  1. B.Tech. degree of the parent department (e.g. Civil Engineering)
  2. M.Tech. degree of the Specialization within the parent department (e.g. Structural Engineering)

The undergraduate Civil Engineering professional education at IIT Kanpur starts at the second year level in the four-year B.Tech. and five year B.Tech.-M.Tech. degree programmes. Recognizing the modern pace of development in Civil Engineering, the programme provides basic education in physical sciences including solid, fluid & soil mechanics, materials, earth sciences and geoinformatics, that leads to the planning, design and construction of bridges, buildings, hydraulic structures, environmental systems, and transportation systems including highways, railways, airports, etc. Besides these broad training, students are given the option to pursue electives in any particular area of Civil Engineering. A two-semester project during the fourth year of the B.Tech. degree programme is intended to synthesize their education in several areas. As a student proceeds along the program, the emphasis shifts from analysis to design, and from skill development theoretical to the problem-solving approach.