Shock waves are discontinuities that change the characteristics of the media where they appear, owing to their existence and interactions with other media. Their appearance creates profound property changes in the media where they appear. When the shocks appear in air/gases, their interactions with the media interfaces induce unwanted forces on bodies and cause unpredictable fluid dynamic phenomena in flow systems. The characteristic changes induced by the shock waves can be both destructive and constructive. While in blast flow fields, shock waves are mostly destructive in nature, in the bio-medical field, shock waves are widely utilized in needle-less drug delivery and shock wave lithotripsy, and in high-speed flow applications, shock compression is used to enhance the pressure and temperature levels to optimize the combustion performance.

The National Symposium on Shock Waves (NSSW) is a biennial event that has been serving as a platform for the scientific community in India to meet and exchange ideas on the study of shockwave-related phenomena and their applications. The National Symposium on Shock Waves-2024 (NSSW2024) is the 8th symposium in the series of NSSW initiated by the Society for the Shock Wave Research (India). This will be held from 12th to 15th of November 2024 at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur.

List of cities that hosted NSSW

  1. Bangalore - 2010
  2. Thanjavur - 2012
  3. Mumbai - 2014
  4. Coimbatore - 2016
  5. Chandigarh – 2018
  6. Chennai - 2020
  7. Ahmedabad – 2023



Shocks Waves and its application in various fields Shock waves in fluids and solids Shock- Shock interactions Shock Wave Boundary Layer Interactions (SWBLI) Shock Wave mitigation Supersonic and Hypersonic Aerodynamics High Enthalpy Flows Radiation Gas Dynamics Hypersonic/ Supersonic vehicle design Blast waves and ballistics Blast loading on various structures Blast wave propagation in various media Blast wave mitigation Underwater explosions Shock tubes and chemical kinetics Shock waves in medicine High Speed Flow diagnostics Test Facilities for High Speed research

Organizing Chair

Prof. Mohammed Ibrahim Sugarno

Associate Professor
Department of Aerospace Engineering
IIT Kanpur

Organizing Vice Chair

Prof. Ashoke De

Dept. of Aerospace Engineering
IIT Kanpur

Prof. Arun Kumar Perumal

Dept. of Aerospace Engineering
IIT Kanpur

Soumya Ranjan Nanda

Ramanujan Fellow
Dept. of Aerospace Engineering
IIT Kanpur

National Advisory Committee

  • Prof. Aravind. V, IIST
  • Dr. Deependran, VSSC, ISRO
  • Prof. E Arunan, IISc
  • Dr. G. Balu, DRDL, DRDO
  • Prof. G. Rajesh, IITM
  • Prof. Jagadeesh Gopalan, IISc
  • Prof. K. P. J Reddy, IISc
  • Prof. Niranjan Sahoo, IITG
  • Prof. R. Arun Kumar, IITJ
  • Prof. R. Sriram, IITM
  • Prof. S Pandian, IITM
  • Dr. Shashi Bhushan Verma, NAL, CSIR
  • Prof. Srisha Rao, IISc
  • DR. T. K. Ganesh Anavaradham, DRDL, DRDO
  • Mr. V. Shanmugham, DRDL, DRDO
  • Dr. Venkatakrishnan, NAL, CSIR
  • Prof. Vinayak Kulkarni, IITG
  • Prof. Viren Menzez, IITB

Organizing Committee:

  • Prof. Chaitanya Rao, IITK
  • Prof. Debopam Das, IITK
  • Prof. Pradeep Moise, IITK
  • Prof. Rahul Mangal, IITK
  • Prof. S. K. Karthick, IITH
  • Prof. Sanjay Kumar, IITK
  • Prof. Srinivas Dharavath, IITK
  • Dr. Desikan. S. L. N, VSSC, ISRO & Visiting Professor, IITK


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Paper Submission

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Important Dates

Important Dates
Abstract submission/Registration opens May 1, 2024
Abstract submission closes June 30, 2024 July 15, 2024
Notification of acceptance July 31, 2024
Full paper submission deadline September 15, 2024
Registration closes October 15, 2024