Short Term Course on Traffic Flow Theory and Simulation

 27-31 March 2024

 Last date for payment of fees and registration: 15/03/2024

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The course is designed to provide exposure to the participants on the fundamental knowledge of traffic flow theory and modeling of traffic flow, macroscopic and microscopic models to understand traffic phenomena. This course also aims to outline the development of microscopic traffic simulation models and get hands-on experience with traffic simulators.

Course Objectives

  • To understand the traffic data based on the Eulerian and Lagrangian approaches and estimate traffic state using these data
  • Principles and conceptual understanding of macroscopic and microscopic traffic flow models and mathematical description and equations
  • To provide fundamental theoretical knowledge and practical training in traffic simulation

Course Coordinator

Prof. Venkatesan Kanagaraj

Assistant Professor
Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Kanpur

Email: venkatk@iitk.ac.in

Phone: 0512-259-2096

Course Speakers

Prof. Partha Chakroborty

Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Kanpur

Topic: Traffic flow theory

Prof. Sivasurender Chandran

Department of Physics, IIT Kanpur

Topic: Traffic Rules of Microbial Communities

Prof. Venkatesan Kanagaraj

Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Kanpur

Topic: Traffic Dynamics and Simulation


Tentative Course schedule:

Day 1: Fundamentals of traffic flow, Traffic flow models, Fundamental diagram, Traffic data: detector and trajectory data set

Day 2: Continuity equation, First order - LWR models, Shock waves analysis.

Day 3: Cell transmission model, Higher-order model, Traffic phenomena and self- organized behaviour.

Day 4: Microscopic models: Car-following models, Lane changing models, Linear stability analysis of car-following models.

Day 5: Introduction to traffic simulation, microscopic traffic simulation (single lane and multi-lane traffic stream), Applications of traffic simulation.

Registration Procedure

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Registration Fees

Category Registration Fee
Non-IITK Faculty Rs 9440/- (Including GST)
IITK Faculty Rs 9000/-
Non-IITK Students Rs 4720/- (Including GST)
IITK Students Rs 4000/-
Personnel from Industries/ R&D Organizations Rs 11800/- (Including GST)

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Course Details

Course Code 80
Course Title Traffic Flow Theory and Simulation
Course Duration 27-31 March 2024


All candidates need to pay for their lodging and boarding. On-campus accommodation can be arranged. We will be happy to help facilitate any request and requirement.