Just Transition Research Centre

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

Online Certificate Course on Just Transition

20 January- 18 February, 2024
(during weekends)



The objective of this twenty-four-hour, two-week course module is to provide researchers, practitioners, policy advisors, and decision makers with a more comprehensive understanding of just transition and its economic ramifications. By studying just transition in its affected regions, you will gain an understanding of its origins, dimensions, and policy ramifications on a national and international scale through the use of real-world examples. Despite the fact that this is an online programme, upon successful completion of the course, participants will be granted access to the IIT Kanpur campus during the certificate award ceremony.

Prof. Pradip Swarnakar
Course Coordinator

Professor, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

Email: spradip@iitk.ac.in
Phone: 0512-259-2063

What is the learning process?

The sessions during the initial fortnight will develop fundamental ideas regarding just transition and its interconnectedness with the environment and society. You will increase your understanding of the socioeconomic and policy aspects of just transition from the local to the international level over the course of the following weeks.

In conjunction with the in-person demonstration, learners will be provided with sample readings and quizzes for review at home. Aside from this, you will have a general understanding of the research methodology and the software utilised for analysis. Additionally, each following day, assignments will be reviewed and discussed through an interactive online platform.

What you will learn?

  • Concept of Just Transition
  • Global and National policies in action
  • Important stakeholders
  • Financial resources to support Just Transition
  • Conducting research work in Just Transition

What you will achieve?

  • E-certificate
  • Interaction with the experts and practitioners in the domain
  • Understanding of community centric just transition interventions

Program Schedule
Total Duration of the Course: 24hrs or 6 modules (4HRs= 1Module)
Note: Inaugural ceremony on 20th January, 2024 (Saturday) from 9.30 AM

Date Sessions Themes Description
20-Jan-24 Session1 Basic Concept 1 What is Just Transition (JT)? Definition and background
Session2 Special Topic 1 Socio-economic history of coal
Session3 Basic Concept 2 In-depth stories from coal mining regions
21-Jan-24 Session1 Basic Concept 3 India's energy transition: A brief history
Session2 Special Topic 2 International experiences on JT: US , UK, Germany, Indonesia, South Africa
Session3 Activity 1 Interactive mapping: Identifying challenges and opportunities based on geographical features presented in the map
27-Jan-24 Session1 Stakeholder Mapping 1 Government and business
Session2 Stakeholder Mapping 2 Trade unions, women, CSOs, workers
Session3 Activity 2 Top-down planning: Disbursing DMFT
28-Jan-24 Session1 Theory 1 Understanding environment, climate and energy justice
Session2 Sectoral Impacts 1 Energy: Coal mine and TPP
Session3 Activity 3 Bottom-up: Decentralized planning
3-Feb-24 Session1 Finance 1 Economic impact of transition and JT finance
Session2 Sectoral Impacts 2 Transportation: Railways and EVs
Session3 Activity 4 Role playing just transition governance
4-Feb-24 Session1 Method 1 Basics of social science research
Session2 Method 2 Qualitative methods: Ethnography, participant observation, in-depth interviews, FGD
Session3 Activity 5 Methods: Qualitative coding
10-Feb-24 Session1 Policy 1 Basics of public policy and formulation energy policy
Session2 Method 3 Quantitative methods: Sampling, survey, GIS, machine learning, data visualization
Session3 Activity 6 Methods: Quantitative coding
11-Feb-24 Session1 Policy 2 Global JT policy frameworks
Session2 Policy 3 Indian JT policy landscape
Session3 Activity 7 Group presentations
17-Feb-24 Assignment submission Writing policy beliefs
18-Feb-24 Certificate distribution

Registration Procedure
We have limited seats, so please follow the below steps to apply at the earliest.

Step 1: Fill the application form. Registration Closed

Step 2: Shortlisted candidates for this batch will receive mail communication.

Step 3: Shortlisted candidates are required to remit the course fee specified below:

Course Details

Course Code: 74
Course Title: Just Transition
Course Duration: 20.01.2024 to 18.02.2024

Registration Fees

Category Fee (Including GST)
Personnel from Industry / R & D Organizations 23600/-
(20000 + 3600 GST)
Non IITK Faculty 23600/-
(20000 + 3600 GST)
IITK Faculty 10000/-
(No GST required)
Non IITK Student 17700/-
(15000 + 2700 GST)
IITK Student 10000/-
(No GST required)
IITK Project Staff/ Employee 12000/-
(No GST required)
Selected pre-registered Candidates 17700/-
(15000 + 2700 GST)