SERB-Karyashala Workshop:
Human Centered Design for Engineers

 March 15-21, 2024

 Venue: Conference Room, Visitors Hostel IIT Kanpur

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The goal of this workshop is to provide participants with awareness and informed views of the main human factors issues associated with human centered design in complex technological systems. Over the centuries we have seen the skills and knowledge of mankind evolve to meet their changing requirements that is reflected in the form of how new tools and techniques materialize fulfilling various utilities. A major challenge we are facing is to incorporate human factors into engineering to bring about a human-centered approach to design. The courses will involve starting with design thinking principles for engineers as well as introducing them to various aspects of design that could help them in comprehending and designing everyday technology.

The course consists of a seven day residential program in which the different topics will be introduced through lectures. Through workshops, reading literature and completing assignments, participants will obtain insights into current theoretical developments and develop informed views. In addition to the provided literature, participants are encouraged to search for additional literature that may shed light on the topic under discussion.

The participants will receive accommodation, food and expenses for travelling from their base station to IIT Kanpur based on Government norms.

The workshop can accommodate a maximum of 30 candidates. Please avail this opportunity early.

Target Audience

Open to graduate students (PhD and masters)


The participants will receive accommodation in hostel (single/double occupancy), food and expenses for travelling (Sleeper Class, train) from their base station to IIT Kanpur based on Government norms.

Course Coordinator

Dr. Vivek Kant

Associate Professor,
Human Machine Interaction, Human Factors, Human Systems Integration
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Email: vkant@iitk.ac.in


Prof. J. Ramkumar

Department of Mechanical Engineering & Design
IIT Kanpur

Prof. Bishakh Bhattacharya

Department of Mechanical Engineering
IIT Kanpur

Prof. Satyaki Roy

Department of Design & Media Technology Centre
IIT Kanpur

Prof. Ritwij Bhowmik

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences & Design Programme
IIT Kanpur

Prof. Amar Behera

Department Of Design
IIT Kanpur

Prof. Sruti S Ragavan

Department of CSE
IIT Kanpur

Course Schedule

Day 1 (Friday, March 15): Prof. Ramkumar (and Team)
Topic: Product Design & Medtech Centre

Day 2 (Saturday, March 16): Prof. Satyaki Roy (and team)
Topic: Creative Techniques for Designers

Day 3/4 (Sunday, Monday March 17,18): Prof. Ritwij Bhowmik (and Team)
Topic: Design Thinking and Processes I and II

Day 5 (Tuesday, March 19): Prof. Sruti S Ragavan
Topic: Interfaces and Evaluation

Day 6 (Wednesday, March 20): Prof. Amar Behera
Topic: Design & Prototyping

Day 7 (Thursday, March 21): Prof. Bishakh Bhattacharya (and team)
Topic: Robotics and applications & SMSS Lab

Daily Schedule

Session 1 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Lunch 12:30 PM to 02:00 PM
Session 2 02:00 PM to 05:00 PM

Registration Procedure

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