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Chirag Jain


Research Interest: Autopilot Design

Jitu Sanwale

MS, Sponsored

Research Interest: Parameter Estimation and Control




Prabhakaran B

M.Tech (2015)

Thesis: Autonomous Flight Control For Quadrotors



Shribharath B

M.Tech (2015)

Thesis: Spacecraft Trajectory Planning



S Aditya Varma

BT/MT (2016)

Thesis: Pitch Controlled 3-D Impact Angle Constrained Guidance


M V Ramana

M.Tech (2016)

Thesis: Pursuit-Evasion Games of High Speed Evaders


Namrata Gupta

BT/MT (2016), Co-supervisor

Thesis: Flight Dynamic Modelling and Control of Inverted Flight of Variable-Pitch Quadrotors


Arijit Sen

M.Tech (2016), Co-supervisor

Thesis: Formation Control of Multi-agent Systems


Abhishek Kumar Shasrty

BT/MT (2016)

Thesis: A Study in Dynamics and Adaptive Control Design of Quadrotors


Ravi Jaiswal

BT/MT (2016)

Thesis: Six-DOF Adaptive Control of Fixed-Wing UAVs


Dinesh K N

MTech (2016)

Thesis: Guidance of Long Range Flight Vehicles


Akhil B Krishna

MTech (2016)

Thesis: Robust Guidance of Control Design


Vishvendra Rustagi

MTech (2017)

Thesis: Gyroscopic Stabilization of Flying Wing Aircrafts


Vanshdeep Mahajan

MTech (2017)

Thesis: H-Infinity Control of Helicopter in Hover Conditions


Preksha Gupta

BT/MT (2017)

Thesis: Wi-Fi based Localization and Mapping


Vishnu S Chipade

BT/MT (2017), Co-supervisor

Thesis: Advanced Flight Dynamic Modelling and Adaptive Control of Variable Pitch Quadrotor


Ritesh Kumar Halder

MTech (2018)

Thesis: Vision based Object Detection and Tracking using a Quadrotor UAV


Jay Patrikar

BT/MT (2018)

Thesis: 3D Guidance Law for Path Following


Pranab Kumar Prusty

BT/MT (2018)

Thesis: Terminal Phase Interception of Projectiles


Abhishek Kumar Singh

MTech (2019)

Thesis: Design of Transition Controller for a Tailsitter UAV


Balachandar D

MTech (2019)

Thesis: Design Trade Study for High Altitude Payload Delivery UAVs


Basab Adhyapak

MTech (2019)

Thesis: Development of Flight Dynamics Model and Control Law for a Compound Helicopter


Animesh Kumar Shastry

BT/MT (2019)

Thesis: A Universal Optimal Control Strategy for Biplane Quadrotor Tailsitter


Sourav Sinha

BT/MT (2019), Co-supervisor

Thesis: Controller Development for a Novel Quadrotor Convertiplane UAV


Raunak Jain

MTech (2019), Co-supervisor

Thesis: Development of Ground Control Station for Swarm Applications