GIAN Course on Autonomous Systems

With the recent focus being on developing autonomous vehicles for carrying out sophisticated tasks, there is a lot of emphasis on system identification, state estimation, control techniques, and sensor integration. The workshop will aim at introducing the participants to control techniques, state estimation, and sensor integration for unmanned vehicles. The course will enable students and practicing professionals gain proficiency in theory and application of the technologies, algorithms, and tools relevant to autonomous systems. The course will blend theory and practical exercises to expose the participants to autonomous systems and provide them with a working knowledge/experience. By the end of the course the participants will, (i) Develop an understanding and will use standard tool chains for modeling, simulation and control of autonomous systems, such as MATLAB/Simulink, and ROS; (ii) Utilize various types of sensors and implement suitable sensor fusion methods, and state estimation techniques; (iii) Implement linear, nonlinear, and robust navigation, guidance, control algorithms; (iv) Use machine vision and learning methodologies to support path planning and obstacle avoidance. There is no prescribed text and the instructors will provide notes.

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