Aug 2: Seminar on Flow control past bluff bodies

Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Associate Professor at Department of Engineering, University of Texas at Brownville, USA would be presenting a seminar in the department as per the following schedule.

Speaker:  Dr. Sanjay Kumar
Title:         Flow control past bluff bodies 
Date  :      Friday, August 2, 2013
Time  :      04:00 PM
Venue :    AE seminar room

Tea would be served at 3:45PM.


April 5 Seminar on: About Drag and Flow of Real Road Vehicles (2)

Professor Olivier Cadot, ENSTA-ParisTech will deliver four seminars during his stay at IITK. The second one is today, March 12, 5 PM in the Classroom at NWTF (3rd Floor).

Speaker:   Prof. Olivier Cadot,  ENSTA-ParisTech
Date  :        Friday, April 5, 2013
Time  :       05:00 P.M.
Venue :     Classroom at NWTF (3rd Floor)


Feb 27th: Seminar on Motion Planning and Target-Capturing Algorithms

Dr. Mangal Kothari, who is currently working as a Post Doctoral Researcher in the Northumbria University, UK, would be giving a talk as per the following schedule. All interested are welcome to attend. Tea will be served at 3:15 pm.

Dr. Kothari is a candidate for the faculty position in the Aerospace Engineering Department. Abstract of his talk and a brief biographical sketch are also appended below.

Speaker:    Dr. Mangal Kothari
Title:         Motion Planning and Target-Capturing Algorithms 
Date  :      Thursday, Feb 27, 2014
Time  :      03:30 PM
Venue :    AE seminar room


International Workshop on Novel Combustion Concepts for Sustainable Energy Development

An International workshop is to be held at IIT Kanpur, India, between 2nd and 4th January 2014 to bring experts in Combustion Science and Technology from around the world on a single platform.