Real Time Digital Simulator

A six rack Real Time Digital Simulator (RTDS), facility supported by DST New Delhi under Intensification of Research in High Priority Areas(IRHPA) scheme, has been made operational since July 2011. The facility is located in ACES Building (ACES 105)in the Department of Electrical Engineering at IIT Kanpur.

With the advent of synchrophasor technology, the real time monitoring and control of power system has become possible. The major components of synchrophasor based WAMCS include PMUs, which provide voltage and current phasor information at a speed of 50/60 frames per second and the PDC situated at a control station.



OPAL-RT is the world leader in the development of PC/FPGA based Real-Time Digital Simulator, Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) testing equipment and Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) systems. Our systems are used to design, test and optimize control and protection systems for power grids, power electronics, motor drives, automotive, railway,aircraft and industries, as well as R&D centers and universities.


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