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Course Objective:

One of the major challenges for RF Engineers in today’s world is to minimize the electromagnetic interference (EMI) within circuits and systems due to increasing usage of high speed and high frequency devices. The electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is mainly a technique to deal with such types of situations, where the main emphasis is to propose an optimum design in order to minimize the electromagnetic coupling and interference. The main objective of this one-week course is to provide the participants an insight into various techniques and procedures required for the design of electronic systems, which are in compliance with the EMC guidelines. The course would provide a brief outline of EMC guidelines prevalent in various geographical regions, and imposed by a number of agencies including the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The concept of effective shielding using modern procedures involving the use of frequency selective surfaces (FSS) structures and light weight nanocomposites would be explained. The participants would be exposed to the state of the art modeling and simulation software currently being used for EMI/EMC applications. Finally, it would be tried to provide a demonstration of experimental setups used for EMI/EMC applications.


Intended Participants (Who will be benefited)

The course is designed for people from academia, R&D institutes and industry working in the field of RF, microwaves and high frequency digital electronics which requires design of EMI/EMC compatible circuits and systems. The course is equally suited for professionals and graduate students desirous of working in the challenging EMI/EMC field.

Faculty members and students from the streams of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Instrumentation, and Electrical Engineering are encouraged to join the workshop to gain an insight towards challenging practical aspects of electromagnetic exposure/interference and associated techniques to minimize it.



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