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Events of Year 2013-2014




Mr. Zishan Ali gives training for Dance Events, such as Ladies Sangeet, Cultural events etc.
Those interested can contact him at:
Phone- 09336227912



Mr. S.L. YADAV , a teacher  in   the Yoga Centre inside the Institute, conducts classes for persons of varied age groups. He also conducts Yoga classes specially for ladies. He is planning to start a class for ladies in the morning.
Classes in the evenings are already going on.
Training is either treatment oriented, or for general fitness.

 Convenient time slots can also be created according to the demands of the people who are registering for the program.
For  futher enquiries  contact:
Mr.S.L. Yadav – 8288 – Time 4-8pm
 Mobile - 9455841642


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