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The Women's Association of IIT Kanpur is a non profit making organisation. It operates from the same building as that of the Faculty Club that is House no. 605. It is essentially a social club for Women living in the IIT Kanpur campus. One of the primary aims of the association is to help the women come to know each other, provide them with social interaction and giving a platform to express themselves. The Club is vibrant, varied and successfully responds to peoples interests and needs.

We have regular activities such as Aerobics classes, Western dance classes and sports such as Badminton. Our social activities include leisurely tea parties, celebration of Festivals, outings to cinemas, picnics etc. We also organize various competitions such as cooking, Rangoli making etc. to encourage members and their children. We also invite speakers to give talks. Sometimes talks by Doctors followed by health checkups are also organised.

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