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Personality Development Workshop

Day 1 :Oct.6th, 2012
Session 1:
Topic:Developing Skills to sustain harmonically in the World
Speaker: Dr. Alok Bajpai
Timings:10 am-12 noon

Session 2:
Topic:Group Discussion-Demonstration and Practice
Speaker: Dr. Prashant Jha
Timings:2 pm-4.30 pm

Refreshment Break:4:30 pm-5 pm

Session 3:
Topic:Interview Skills - Demonstration and Practice
Speaker: Dr. Prashant Jha
Timings:5 pm-7 pm

Day 2 :Oct.7th, 2012
Session 1:
Topic:Presentation Skills
Speaker: Dr. Prashant Jha
Timings:10 am-12 noon

Session 2:
Topic:"Manav Jeevan Ka Udddeshya aur Prayojan" (in Hindi) + Question Answer Session
Speaker: Swami Sujayananda
Timings:2:30 pm-4.30 pm

Refreshment Break:4:30 pm-5 pm

Session 3:
Topic:Time Management & Public Speaking Skills
Speaker: Dr. Niraj Prasad
Timings:5 pm-7 pm

What makes the difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary person?

It is the personality. Our personality determines our attitude and success in life. Albert Einstein said "We should take care not to make the intellect our God; it has, of course, powerful muscles, but no personality." Swami Vivekananda emphasized on developing strong personality having muscles of iron and nerves of steel.

Have you ever been...

1.Afraid to face an Interview or to sit in a GD…???
2.Unable to deliver smart & effective presentations…???
3.Unable to Understand the purpose and utility of human life???
4.Having insecurities with the outside World …???
5.Unable to manage ur time well, always feel stressed...???
6.Unable to speak confidently in public gatherings….???

Then this workshop is the correct time & correct place to overcome all your fears & inabilities. As the Placement season is coming closer Vivekananda Samiti, IIT Kanpur has planned a two days Personality Development Workshop on 6th and 7th October 2012. Since the workshop is intended to be more interactive and participatory this time, with mock sessions on Interview & GD Skills along with feedback from the speaker, so we plan to restrict the number to 75.

Deadline for Registration: 4th Oct.2012(upto 11:55 p.m) Interested Students should fill & submit the google form on the link below:

and pay both the registration & security fees to any of the following persons in the corresponding available time slots. NOTE: Since we have only limited seats, selection will be done only on the basis of first-come-first serve of the registration fee. So Hurry Up!!

1.Sandarsh Pandey : 225, hall-3(8:30p.m-10:30p.m), 8953455047
2.Bhoopendra Singh : D-315, hall-4(9:30p.m-11:00p.m),9451175285
3.Asit Naik: C-302, Hall-9(9:00p.m-11:00p.m), 9793981166
4.Indramani : B-304,hall-7(4:30p.m-6:00p.m), 8005382785
Pavan Kumar Nagar: B-309, hall-7(4:30p.m-6:00p.m), 9695863300
5.Anamika Singh : Z-15,New SBRA(6:00p.m-8:00p.m), 9795337246

Fees Structure:

i.A security deposit of Rs 200 will be taken from the students. This money will be returned back after completion of workshop if and only if the participant attends all the sessions. This will help us to avail this workshop for genuinely interested candidates only.

ii.We will charge a nominal amount of Rs. 100 from the participants for attending the workshop. This money will be taken for providing books/printed materials, a workshop stationary kit and refreshments to the Students.


1) Dr. Prashant Jha, Hyderabad A practicing physician [MBBS & PG in Family Medicine (UK)] who has served at AIIMS, GB Pant & Apollo Hospitals Group has conducted several Personality Development workshops & Professional Communication workshops at various institutions in India. His students are from IITs, IIMs and premier Medical Colleges. He also pursued M.Tech in BSBE from IIT Kanpur in collaboration with Tata Memorial Hospital (Mumbai) and CDRI Lucknow.

2) Dr. Alok Bajpai , Consultant Psychiatrist, IIT Kanpur Dr. Bajpai trained in Psychiatry at NIMHANS, Bangalore, - the apex institute of mental health in India. He finished his DPM and MD between 1990-1996 and then joined The Regency Hospital, Kanpur as Senior Consultant of Psychiatry. Between 2003-04 and 2006-07 Dr. Bajpai worked as Consultant Psychiatrist in Australia. Apart from practicing general Psychiatry, a consistent focus of his work has been with child and adolescent mental health, and he has established a unique child and adolescent mental health center in Kanpur. Psychiatry, Physics, Film, Music, Literature and Teaching are only some of the things that occupy Dr. Alok Bajpai's wide world.

3) Mr. Niraj Prasad, Director, Career Launcher, Kanpur A self motivator, a leader who has become a brand in himself, a mentor for students aspiring for MBA education in the city of Kanpur.

4)Swami Sujayananda is one of the senior scholarly monks of the Ramakrishna Order. At present, he is offering his duties at Ramakrishna Math, Lucknow. He is a great speaker on spirituality and inner empowerment, he has earned high appreciation for his inspiring verses across the country. He has addressed eloquently in several technical and management institutes, the most recent being IIM Indore. With his compelling grasp over the Vedanta and insightful knowledge of recurrent social problems, Swami Sujayananda has won acclamation as one of the most vibrant speakers in Ramakrishna order. In the present occasion he will deliver lecture on a quiet well known yet decisive topic that of the goals, the desires, and the duties of human life.

For any queries on this workshop, please contact either of the following:
Rahul Rao, 9559442989
Sidhartha Sharma, 9005664260