TEQIP Workshop on

Modal Analysis: Theory in Practice

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

17-21 September 2018

About the workshop

Understanding the nature of vibrations is essential to avoid vibration induced problems. This workshop will introduce the science and practice of modal analysis as a technique to solve vibration related problems. A thorough review of vibration theory will renew and expand the participant's understanding of vibrations thereby facilitating a focus on the practical implementation of experimental modal analysis testing. The workshop will motivate the ideas behind testing structures and obtaining a mathematical description of their dynamic behaviour. Concepts of digital processing of measurements, excitation and measurement techniques, details and functioning of vibration measuring instruments and detailed analysis of measured data will form the mainstay of this workshop. Laboratory sessions will provide instructive guidelines for dynamic testing, selection/placement considerations of sensors and actuators, and for system identification using modal parameter extraction methods. The workshop will motivate solutions for testing, monitoring and diagnosis of common vibration related problems found in Academia and in Industries.

Engineering faculty and students working, researching and interested in applied vibrations as well as engineers and technicians that currently practice or need to learn how to do modal tests and therefore need to gain insight in both practical aspects and the theories behind modal analysis - are targeted as participants.

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Dr. Mohit Law

Dr. Shakti Gupta

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TEQIP Office
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