TEQIP Workshop on Microstructure Engineering via Heat Treatments
Date Lecture/Lab Description Time
Day 1
19 Oct 2015
Registration 08:30-09:00
L-1 Overview of the course structure 09:00-09:20
L-2 Structure of Materials (Crystal Structure and Microstructure) 09:20-10:20
Break 10:20-10:40
L-3 Phase Diagrams 10:40-11:30
L-4 Iron-Carbide Phase Diagram and Steel Microstructures 11:30-12:30
Lunch Break 12:30-14:30
Lab-1 Characterization of Heat Treated Components (Macro-hardness, micro-hardness) 14:30-15:30
Tea Break 15:30-16:00
Lab-2 Annealing, Normalizing and Hardening Demo 16:00-18:00
Day 2
20 Oct 2015
L-5 Phase transformations and Microstructures (developed by Annealing, Normalizing and Hardening) 09:30-10:20
L-6 Practical aspects of Optical and Scanning Electron Microscopy 10:20-11:10
Break 11:10-11:30
L-7 Hardenability (Jominy End Quench test) & Heat Treatments of Tool Steels 11:30-12:30
Lunch Break 12:30-14:30
Lab-3 Hands-on Metallography 14:30-15:30
Tea Break 15:30-16:00
Lab-4 Jominy End Quench test Demo 16:00-18:00
Workshop Dinner 19:30 Onwards
Day 3
21 Oct 2015
L-8 Surface Hardening of Steels (Carburizing, Induction, Nitriding) 09:30-10:20
L-9 Heat Treatments of Cast Irons 10:20-11:10
Break 11:10-11:30
L-10 Heat Treatments of Al Alloys 11:30-12:30
Lunch Break 12:30-14:30
Lab-5 Age Hardening Demo 14:30-15:30
Tea Break 15:30-16:00
Lab-6 Characterization of Case Depth (can go on when HT is running) 16:00-17:00