Practical English: Learning and Teaching

1-30 June 2018 (10 AM to 6 PM)

Course Objective

This course has a two-fold objective.
  1. It aims to examine and improve the general English proficiency of participants, bridging the gaps of their training in the English language and orienting them towards better written and oral communication.
  2. It further aims, at the same time, to acquaint them with the complete methodology of the course itself, so that they can later effectively teach or otherwise execute and administer it for a group of students.

Who can attend

College Teachers

Course Content

A quick revision of basic English grammar, vocabulary and usage from an operational and functional standpoint, avoiding references to formalgrammar to the extent possible. Strategies and tactics of comprehension, expression, formal composition, elaboration, and summarising.

Detailed Syllabus

Module 1: Techniques of `Interpretation' and `Expression'; Words with basic spelling and vowel-sound patterns; Basic sentence forms; Correct usage of verbs `do' and `will'; Basic rules of capitalization, articles and punctuation.

Module 2: Participles; Verb `be'; Sentence structures in passive voice and continuous tense (`be' as supporting verb); Rules and conceptual threads of logic to avoid typical Indian patterns of mistakes in English; Strategies for composition and summarising.

Module 3: Further word-families with two-vowel patterns; Special spelling patterns; Special sentence structures of English; Perfect tense in active/passive voice; Perfect continuous tense; Phrases and Prepositions; Connecting words, Compound sentences and Connection of meaning across sentences; Special verbs; Punctuation (revisited); Complete tense structure of the English language.

Module 4: Advanced methods of vocabulary building: Etymological connections; Semantic connections; Prefixes; Suffixes; Phrasal Verbs; Use of words in different meanings and as different parts of speech. Parsing and Analysis of sentences; Clauses; Compound sentences; Complex sentences; Mixed (Complex-Compound) sentences; Transformation and Synthesis of sentences; Paragraph Structuring in Composition.

How to register ?

To register for this workshop, please send the following information at the earliest, so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

  1. Name
  2. Email id
  3. Phone Number
  4. Institute
  5. Designation
  6. Department
  7. Tentative arrival and departure dates and time

30th April 2018 is the last date to apply.


For male participants rooms are booked at Hall-10 & Hall-11 and for female participants rooms are booked at GH-I

TEQIP cell at IIT Kanpur will arrange for and cover the expenses of accommodation and food during the workshop for all participating delegates. TEQIP cell at the home institute of each delegate is expected to cover their travel and other expenses.

Contact Information

Phone: 0512-259-6760