2009 SURGE Programme Announcement for IITK Students

The Institute is pleased to announce a special student research initiative Summer Undergraduate Research Grant for Excellence (SURGE) Programme, to encourage undergraduate research for the summer of 2008. Under this programme students can take up summer research projects at IIT Kanpur. In addition to this California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Pasadena, USA, and Ecole Centrale Paris, France, and Ecole Polytechnique, France have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with IIT Kanpur for summer undergraduate research. As part of this understanding, IIT Kanpur students participate in research at Caltech (www.caltech.edu), or at Ecole Centrale Paris (www.ecp.fr) or at Ecole Polytechnique, France (www.polytechnique.edu). There is a possibility of research opportunities opening up at other universities as part of SURGE Programme. Information on these would be made available as and when the MoUs are signed with the universities.

Selection Procedure:

Students will be selected for participating in 2009 SURGE Programme based on their merit & inclination for research. The Student Undergraduate Research Committee, set up by the Dean, Research Generation and Planning, will initially short-list the students based on their applications and recommendation letters. The short-listed candidates would be called by for an interview by the above mentioned committee, for the final selection.

Please note that this programme is different from other summer jobs/internships that IIT Kanpur usually offers. Therefore please go through the following features regarding the eligibility and time line of the 2009 SURGE Programme before applying.

The salient features of the 2009 SURGE Programme are:

(a) Second year and third year undergraduate students, fourth year dual degree B.Tech-M.Tech. or integrated M.Sc., and first year M.Sc. students of IIT Kanpur are eligible to participate in 2008 SURGE Programme. They can undertake short duration but focused research projects and push their intellectual abilities beyond those learnt in the classrooms. Third year students who need to undergo formal summer training during the summer may seek approval in writing from the respective DUGC conveners before applying.
(b) The total number of IIT Kanpur students to undertake research within IIT Kanpur is fixed at 20, to undertake research at Caltech is 3 and at Ecole Centrale Paris is 3, and at Ecole Polytechnique is 3 this year. The recipients of the grant will be chosen from the pool of applicants for the SURGE 2009 Programme. There is a possibility of increasing these numbers as and when more funds become available.
(c) The duration of the 2009 SURGE Programme is 10 weeks - from 4 May, 2008 till 10 July, 2009.

Students Interested to do research at IIT Kanpur: A student wishing to be accepted for the SURGE 2009 programme must identify a faculty member in the IIT Kanpur campus who will be her/his research mentor. The student should discuss with her/him the research work to be undertaken by clearly outlining its scope, and submit a Research Proposal along with the application.

Students Interested to do research at Foreign Universities: Students will be short-listed for oral presentation, will be identified and be nominated to Caltech, Ecole Central Paris and Ecole Polytechnique for their consideration to participate in SURGE 2009 Programme.

The application should be submitted by 31st December 2008.


Students selected to work at IIT Kanpur: A grant of Rs.10,000 will be to given to the candidates selected to work at IIT Kanpur, as stipend for the entire 10 weeks duration. Further, those among the selected candidates who produce exceptional quality research during the 10 weeks will be awarded a commendation certificate and an additional cash award of Rs.10,000. The criteria for exceptional quality research will be determined by the Student Undergraduate Research Committee and will be intimated to the students at the end of the programme.

Students selected to work at Foreign Universities: The grant, as stipend for the entire 10 weeks duration is decided according to the MOU between IITK and the respective universities.

(f) Selected candidates who will participate in the programme at IIT Kanpur have to submit an initial report & a mid term report (up to a maximum of 300 words). At the end of the 10 weeks a detailed technical report summarizing the work needs to be submitted. The progress in the research will be also assessed by an oral presentation and a poster presentation by the student during the course of their 10 weeks stay.

Timeline for 2009 Summer Undergraduate Research Programme Selection
(IIT Kanpur students only):

Announcement of SURGE 2009 Program
25th November 2008
Submission of Application Packets
31st December 2008
Announcement of Short-listed Students for Presentations
8th January 2009
Announcement of Selected Students
15th January 2009

Application Procedure

A complete Application Form for SURGE 2009 Programme of IIT Kanpur and the associated documents should be submitted to Office of Dean, Resource Planning and Generation by 31st December 2008.

Please note that the application packet should include:

(a) An Online Application Form filled by the student.

You can also fill an On-line application form for SURGE 2009 Programme. It is available at following link: ONLINE APPLICATION FORM. The On-line form must have a clear Statement of Proposed Research Problem that the student wishes to undertake during the programme. It should also contain a justification as to why the candidate has the necessary background and skills to attempt and complete the research problem. Attn: A printout of the recommendation form is to be given to the mentors and can be taken after filling the On-line application.

(b) Recommendation Requirements:

  • Two recommendation letters from faculty members of IIT Kanpur with whom the student has been closely associated and who would be able to provide an objective assessment of the student's interests and research aptitude.

  • For students interested in doing research at IIT Kanpur: We require the faculty member willing to be a research mentor of the student for 2008 SURGE Programme to indicate their willingness in the recommendation form that they will be submitting on behalf of the student. Any faculty member who wishes to mentor a student during the summer of 2009 should be present on the campus for at least 8 weeks out of the 10 weeks of SURGE 2009 programme. In case, the Research Mentor is going out of station for less than 2 weeks during the summer term, she/he should identify a Co-Research Mentor, who agrees to play the role of a Research Mentor for the period of absence of her/him and will be available on the campus during that period.

(c) A photocopy of grade sheet and any other relevant document may be attached along with the certificate provided by the Mentor.

(d) A Statement of Purpose (Maximum of 300 words) written by the student explaining:

  • Why she/he deserves to be selected for SURGE 2009 programme, and
  • What broad area she/he wishes to work specifying what interests the student to undertake research in that area.

(e) Third year students who need to undergo formal summer training during the summer may seek approval in writing from the respective Conveners of DUGC before filing their application.

Please contact Ms. Aparna Mitra for sending the filled in Application forms and for any enquiry at:

Ms. Aparna Mitra
Email: mitra@iitk.ac.in
Tele: 0512 259 7326
Room No.: FB 264
Office of the Dean, Resource Planning and Generation
IIT Kanpur -208016

If you have a query on SURGE 2009 Program of IIT Kanpur, write an email to surge@iitk.ac.in.

So, welcome to the 2009 edition of SURGE programme at IIT Kanpur!!

Dr. Yogesh M. Joshi
Faculty Member In-charge
SURGE 2009 Programme @ IIT Kanpur