Patent Records

Serial No Title Indian Patent Applicaton No
1 A 3D Integrated Universal Digital GATE 201611005433
2 A biodegradable smoke filter material 884/DEL/2013
3 A Biosensor with Improved Specificity 2966/DEL/2012
4 A Blue Organic Light Emitting Diode and Method of Fabrication thereof 2214/DEL/2008
5 A Bronchotrainer Device 920/DEL/2014
6 A Composition and Mechanism to Extend Life Span of an Organism and Protection against Neurodegenerative Diseases 1971/DEL/2008
7 A Computing Mechanism for Automation of Rapid Thermal Anneal of Semiconductor 3440/DEL/2011
8 A coronary stent with nano coating of drug free polymer and a process for preparation thereof 1197/DEL/2009
9 A Device for Extracting Power from To-and-fro Wind 2673/DEL/1996
10 A Device for Magnetic Abrasive Finishing of a Work piece and Magnetic Abrasive Finishing Process 2309/DEL/2008
11 A Drug Screening Process and a Drug Formulation for Huntington’s disease 1182/DEL/2015
12 A Dynamic Logic Family using only N or P-type Enhancement Mode-MOSFET 2708/DEL/2007
13 A Finishing Device 1541/DEL/2010
14 A Functionally Graded Elastomer Nanocomposites (Fgencs) and a Process for Preparation thereof 3125/DEL/2005
15 A Generic Fabrication of Hydrophobic/Hydrophilic Nanoparticle Encapsulated Carbon Capsules for Theranostic Applications 570/DEL/2015
16 A Glove Box for Electric-Field Annealing and Fabrication of Organic Electronic Devices 33/DEL/2015
17 A green approach for reduction of graphene oxide into graphene nanosheels by leaf extracts 2060/DEL/2014
18 A green approach for reduction of graphene oxide into graphene nanosheets by urine 1969/DEL/2014
19 A Green Harvesting Device for Low Power Electronic Equipment
20 A Green Process for fabrication of Binary Masks with Isolated features for Micromachining and Photolithography 79/DEL/2013
21 A green reduction approach for graphene oxide into graphene nanosheets by urea 2059/DEL/2014
22 A green reduction approach for Scalable synthesis of bilayer graphene 2035/DEL/2014
23 A Heat Recurperating Microcombustor 2257/DEL/2009
24 A Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine for Augmenting Torque 212/DEL/2011
25 A Human-Hand Detection System, Apparatus and a Method Thereof 1678/DEL/2015
26 A Hybrid Ink Formulation and a Method for Preparing the same 1161/DEL/2012
27 A Hydrogen/Methanol Based Low Working Temperature Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell 1586/DEL/2015
28 A Lithography Based Two Stage Reservoir in an Electrolyte Insulator Semiconductor Device 219/DEL/2010
29 A Low Complexity Symbol Timing Estimator for MIMO Modem Using two Samples per Symbol 1857/DEL/2006
30 A Magnetic Conductive Polymer for Read and Write Head and a Process for Preparation thereof 859/DEL/2000
31 A Magneto-Resistive Polymer Composition 934/DEL/2000
32 A Medium for Nanofinishing of Complex Component's Internal/External Surface and a Method for Preparation thereof 712/DEL/2013
33 A Method and Apparatus for the Formation of Patterns on Surfaces and an Assembly and Alignment of the Structure thereof 2787/DEL/2005
34 A Method and System for Generating Correct 3D Geometry of Moving Object using Laser Scanning 638/DEL/2013
35 A Method and System for Human Gesture based on Visual Contour Analysis 974/DEL/2010
36 A Method for Creation of 2 and 3-Dimensional Micro Channels of Varied Dimensions using Replication and Molding around a Wire 1455/DEL/2008
37 A Method for Estimating Strain at a Location Buried within a Deformable Object Using an Embedded Tracer grid 1305/DEL/2013
38 A Method for Magnetic Abrasive Finishing using a Pulsating Flexible Magnetic Abrasive Brush and a Magnetic Abrasive Finishing Device 1990/DEL/2005
39 A Method for Preparation of Nanoparticles Coated Carbon Fiber 3063/DEL/2005
40 A Method for Preparing Auto Capped Nanoparticles such as CdS in Continuous Flow Columns 1395/DEL/2008
41 A method for tumoroid generation using 3-D chitosan-gelatin scaffolds for anti-cancer drug screening 2841/DEL/2012
42 A Method of Fabricating a Dielectric Material with Enhanced Sensitivity 1852/DEL/2010
43 A Method of Fabricating High-Performance Poly (VINYLIDENEDIFLUORIDE-TRIFLUOROETHYLENE), P (VDF-TRFE) Films 201611005439
44 A Method of Measuring BMP signaling using BMP responsive reported cell line 1180/DEL/2012
45 A Method of Preparing Fiber Reinforced Plastic Articles Using Rubber Pressure Moulding Technique 2078/DEL/2004
46 A method of preparing helically coiled carbon nanotube (CCNT) using star shaped nano particle 1391/DEL/2014
47 A Method of Transporting Different Hydrocarbon Liquid Fuels through a Pipeline Without Mixing 1281/DEl/2008
48 A Method of Varying Threshold Voltage in MOSFETs 2056/DEL/2005
49 A Multipurpose Transporter with Modular Configuration 3157/DEL/2010
50 A Nano Polymer Coating and a Process for Coating the Same on stent System 1197/DEL/2009
51 A Needle for Puncturing 3053/DEL/2010
52 A New Method to Estimate the Impact Strength of Concrete 3580/DEL/2014
53 A New Self Configurable Modular Robot 2307/DEL/2011
54 A Nickel Coated Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites and a Method for the Preparation thereof 3062/DEL/2005
55 A Non-Contact Method for Measurement of Strain Profile at a Location Interposed within a Soft Deformable Object with Dynamic Evolution of the Strain under Dynamic Loading or Fracture of the Object 1305/DEL/2013
56 A novel attachment for affixing to luggage articles 1321/DEL/1996
57 A Novel Functionally Graded Polymer(s)/Polymeric Nanocomposite(s) [FGP(s)]/FGPNC (s)] having Glass Transition Temperature Variation and a Process for Preparation thereof 681/DEL/2007
58 A Novel in vitro Method of Screening for Anti-Cancer Activity 2841/DEL/2012
59 A Novel Rotating Packed Bed (RPB) Device for Distillation Process 358/DEL/2004
60 A Novel Self Powered, Intelligent Pipe Health Monitoring Robot (PHMR) for Inspecting Gas Pipe line 441/DEL/2015
61 A Novel Tube-Well Hand Pump 2727/DEL/2012
62 A Novel Viscoelastic Media used for a Nano-Finishing of Materials Through Abrasive Flow Machining Process and a Method of Manufacture thereof 591/DEL/2007
63 A One-Pot Process For The Synthesis of Indole and Indole Derivatives 3880/DEL/2015
64 A Photo Electrochemical Water Splitting Device 109/DEL/2015
65 A Photolithographic Process for the Preparation of OLED Displays 2538/DEL/2012
66 A phototherapy unit for treatment of hyperbilirubinemea or neo-natal jaundice of multiple babies 873/DEL/2014
67 A Power Supply System for Electronic Devices 258/DEL/2007
68 A Printing based method of fabricating a metal oxide thin film and its device component thereof 1297/DEL/2015
69 A Process for Compression of Surveillance Video Data for Long Storage in Smaller Storage Medium 2438/DEL/2009
70 A Process for Generating Micro and Sub Macro Patterns on the Surfaces or Layers of Polymers 1519/DEL/2006
71 A Process for Generating Miniaturised Replicas of a 2D or 3D Pattern or an Object 522/DEL/2007
72 A Process for Preparation of Bioplastics 906/DEL/2015
73 A Process for Preparation of Micron Sized High Molecular Weight Polymer 2503/DEL/2004
74 A Process for Preparation of Nanoparticles of Higher Molecular Weight of Polyethylene Polypropylene and Polystyrene 3161/DEL/2005
75 A Process for Synthesis of Polymeric Micro/Nano-Particles for Controlled Delivery Applications 645/DEL/2008
76 A process for the production of high surface area nano metal oxides 472/DEL/2014
77 A robotic cooking system 798/Del/2014
78 A Self Propelled Stair Climbing Wheel Chair 2097/DEL/2011
79 A Solar Cell with Improved Light Absorption Capacity 933/DEL/2006
80 A System and Method for Electronic Retail Banking 1629/DEL/2010
81 A System and Method for Transmitting Mails from a First Location to a Second Location 3100/DEL/2010
82 A System for Generating Crystal of Desired Size and Number Density of a Bio-molecule and Process thereof 1054/DEL/2011
83 A System for Particle Generator in PIV Applications 4130/DEL/2015
84 A System for providing the users a secured service relating to deposit, withdrawal and transfer of one of inputted and processed data including financial instrument 1629/DEL/2010
85 A Versatile tube-well hand pump with energy harvested water filtration 2727/Del/2012
86 A Wind Turbine Device 570/DEL/2005
87 Adhesive Film 1386/DEL/2014
88 Adhesive Surface and its process of Fabrication 26/DEL/2015
89 Advanced Sintering System 1792/DEL/2010
90 Affordable In-house Modular Planetarium 730/DEL/2013
91 Air Sampling Device 1474/DEL/2014
92 All Optical Reflectors based WDM Optical Packet Switch 2707/DEL/2007
93 Aluminium Core buckling restrained brace for energy dissiption 3053/DEL/2014
94 An Abrasive Flow Finishing Device, an Abrasive Flow Finishing Process and Magnetorheological Polishing Fluid 1991/DEL/2005
95 An Apparatus for Shadow-Mask Deposition and Method Thereof 201611002575
96 An Architecture for Rearrangebly Non blocking all Optical Cross Connect Wavelength Division Multiplexing Switching System 2513/DEL/2005
97 An Arrangement for Jet Engine to Reduce Noise 3603/DEL/2011
98 An Electrolyte Insulator- Semiconductor based Microfluidic Immunosensor Device 545/DEL/2013
99 An Improved Lateral Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) on selective Buried Oxide (selbox) and a Method for Manufacturing the same 1478/DEL/2008
100 An Improved Organic Light Emitting Diode and Improved Light Emitting Diode for Tuning the White Emission and Process for Fabrication thereof 1532/ DEL/ 2005
101 An Improved Organic Optoelectronic Device 1231/DEL/2007
102 An Improved Oven 1292/DEL/2004
103 An Instrument for Tonic Note Selection & Voice Range Determination for Indian Music Singers 1272/DEL/2014
104 An Integrated Microchip for the Detection of a Biological Cell 1787/DEL/2013
105 An Integrated Solar Energy Harvesting and Storage 201611002574
106 An Optical Lens, Lens Filter and Preparation Thereof 1964/DEL/2014.
107 An Organic Device with Thin Film Transistor Merged with Light Emitting Diode through Use of an Accumulation Layer in TFT as an Electrode 708/DEL/2014
108 An Organic/Polymer low Information Content Displays 1525/DEL/2006
109 Analog Maximum Power Point Tracker for Solar Photovoltaic 918/DEL/2013
110 Anesthesia Monitor 167/DEL/2004
111 Angular Clock for Measuring Time and Angle/ 10-01
112 Arginine Derivatives as Polyglutamine Aggregation Inhibitors 201611003335
113 ASJQ: Skylines with Aggregate Operations Over Multiple Relations
114 Automatic Mechanical Pricking Machine 2898/DEL/2015
115 Automation of rapid thermal anneal for specific Refractive Index or Absorption Coefficient of intermixing multi quantum wells 3440/DEL/2011
116 Ball Mill 1405/DEL/2012
117 BFPT Thin Films Heterostructures and Process Thereof 2842/DEL/2013
118 Bi-Metal Nanoadsorbents and Methods for their preparation and use 13/482, 564
119 Bicycle mounted solar energy harvesting unit 2420/DEL/2014
120 Breast cancer detection system 3348/DEL/2011
121 Business Purpose Utility Vehicle for Micro level Enterprises 277648
122 Butt Joint using Reinforced Adhesives 679/DEL/2007
123 Bypass and Insertion Algorithms for Exclusive Last-Level Caches
124 Carbon Nanocomposite Preparation and Uses thereof 1647/DEL/2010
125 Carbon Nanofiber/Carbon Nanocoil Coated Substrate and Nano Composites 02272/DEL/2010
126 Carbon nanotube and nanoparticle coated carbon fiber reinforced-polymer hybrid nanocomposite with improved thermomechanical properties and a process for preparation thereof 1813/DEL/2005
127 Carbon Nanotube Coated Carbon Fiber Filaments for Incandescent Electric Lamp and Method of Manufacturing the Same 844/DEL/2014
128 Carbon Nanotube Coated Long Fiber and the Process for Preparation thereof 3061/DEL/2005
129 Carbon Nanotube(s) Coated Cutting Tool(s) and a Method of Preparation thereof 735/DEL/2007
130 Carry Bag Making Machine 772/DEL/2015
131 Catalysts for Hydrodesulfurization and Process for its Preparation 394/DEL/2015
132 Cell Sheet Sngineering using Sugar Responsive Hydrogels 1774/DEL/2011
133 Cervical Pre-Cancer detection with Polarized Fluorescence based Portable Device 3052/DEL/2015
134 Coiled Carbon nanomaterial coated carbon fiber reinforced high perfomance polymer nanocomposites for structural applications and methid of manufacturing the same 1331/DEL/2014
135 Compact Air cooler using nano-structured surfaces 3246/DEL/2014
136 Composite Panels With Rice Husk Core 3386/DEL/2014
137 Composite Reusable Adhesives 3719/DEL/2011
138 Confering Plants with Nematode Resistance 171/DEl/2007
139 Controlled Growth of Carbon Nanocones on Carbon Fiber(S)/Fabric and Method of Synthesis thereof 1900/DEL/2008
140 Controlled Neutral Density Filter for HDRI 2804/DEL/2014
141 Convergent Matrix Factorization Based Entire Frame 3119/DEL/2010
142 Convergent Monotonic Matrix Factorization based entire frame image processing 3035/DEL/2014
143 Conversion of Aspect Ratio Using a Novel Mirror Set-Up 584/DEL/2015
144 Conversion of Vegetable Oils to Biodiesel 2114/DEL/2006
145 Coplanar Microwave Sensor 2232/DEL/2013
146 Core -Shell Sinter Resistant Nanosphere 1440/DEL/2014
147 Corrosion Resistant Phosphoric Iron for Concrete Embedment and Reinforcement Applications 1823/ DEL/2005
148 Dead Block Predictors for Cooperative Execution in the Last-level Cache PCT/US2013/32622
149 Design of Emission Tomographic measurement set-up for Plasma Application 2292/DEL/2015
150 Detection kit for Identification of Drugs useful for the Treatment of Lafora disease 121/DEL/2015
151 Development of an Extraction method for a Non-Ionic Surfactant Adsorbed on Biodegradable Polymeric Nanoparticles for Quantification 3003/DEL/2015
152 Device for power control and storm protection for variable pitch Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) 201611003599
153 Device for Power Control and Storm Security for Savonius Wind Turbine 1217/ DEL/2010
154 Dielectric Resonator 1972/DEL/2004
155 Direct use of Vegetable Oils in Engine and Particularly to Direct Usage of Vegetable Oils in Diesel Engine 587/DEL/2006
156 Directed Assembly of Tailored Multilayers of Nanoparticles (NPs) Using Click Chemistry 2169/DEL/2013
157 Disaggregation and Solubilization of Synthetic Polypeptides 757/DEL/2015
158 Doped Aluminium Oxides 385/DEL/2011
159 Drair; A product to Dry Clothes Faster and Hang with Care, (new title- A hanger to hang a plurality of garments for drying, organizing and exhibition/showbasing 3552/DEL/2013
160 Drug Flow Control Device 3847/DEL/2013
161 Electrocatalyst for Oxygen reduction reaction in fuel cells from Bio-Waste feather fiber 1390/DEL/2014
162 Electrolyte- Insulator-Semiconductor based microfluidic immunosensor 545/DEL/2013
163 Electrospinning Apparatus for Producing Nanofibers and Process thereof 2112/DEL/2007
164 Estimation of Inertia Tensor and Centre of Gravity of a Vehicle on the Three Axes Platform and a Test Rig used thereof 2365/DEL/2007
165 Fabrication of Jute Fibre Sandwitch Composites 1688/DEL/2008
166 Ferromagnetic Metal Nanoparticle Encapsulated Carbon Nanotubes as Nano-Heaters for Cancerous Cell Treatment and Method of Manufacturing the Same 859/DEL/2014
167 Ferromagnetic Nanoparticle Encapsulated Carbon Nanotubes with High Encapsulation/Filling Ratio for High Density Magnetic Data Storage Devices and Method of Manufacturing the Same 846/DEL/2014
168 Finger Gesture Recognition in Dynamic Projecting upon Arbitrary Background Using Reflectance Modeling 974/DEL/2010
169 Finishing Apparatus 4074/DEL/2012
170 Fixed Bed Hypersorber and a process for fractionation of fluid mixtures using the same 705/DEL/2003
171 Flexible Supercapacitors Utilizing Electrochemically Active Materials Based Nanocomposite Hybrid Electrodes and Method of Manufacturing Thereof 201611000089
172 Flexible Temperature Sensor and Sensor Array 1520/DEL/2010
173 Flight Planning for Airborne data acquisition 3392/DEL/2012
174 Formation of Nanoporous Alumina Templates Using Polystyrene Microspheres 2543/DEL/2013
175 Four Dimensional Reconstruction and Charaterization System
176 Four-Terminal Gate-Controlled Thin- Film Organic Thyristor 3218/DEL/2013
177 Fuel Vaporizer 3196/DEL/2013
178 Functional Pump Generator 1557/DEL/2011
179 Functionally Graded Magnetic Materials and a Method for Preparation of the same 680/DEL/2007
180 Functionally Graded Polymer Nanocomposites/Composites having crosslinking density variation and their manufacture 736/DEL/2007
181 Functionally Graded Wide-Band Polymeric Composites for Microwave Absorbers and Method of Manufacturing the same 737/DEL/2007
182 Gain Swept HDR Imaging using Conventional Cameras 201611001989
183 Hierarchical Porous Monoliths and Methods for their Preparation and Use 1015/DEL/2014
184 Hierarchically Porous Polymer, Carbon, Silica and Composite Carbon/Silica Monoliths with Ultra High BET Surface Area Synthesized by Combined Templated Sol-gel and Micro-phase separation for applications in Supported Metal Catalysis 1015/DEL/2014
185 Hierarchy-aware Replacement for Inclusive Last-level Caches 13/722,607
186 High Efficiency Variable-Pitch Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) 904/DEL/2015
187 High Endurance Quadrotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle 4184/DEL/2015
188 Hydrogen Gas Burner and Method of Combustion in Hydrogen Gas Burner 2545/DEL/2013
189 Hydrogen Storage in Magnesium Based Hybrids Using Accumulative Roll Bonding 119/DEL/2014
190 Hydrooxyapatite Poly (etheretherketone) Nanocomposites and Method of Manufacturing 1614/DEL/2010
191 Identification of Vascular Deformation 363/DEL/2013
192 Image Based Structural Characterization Of Fibrous Materials 1287/DEL/2010
193 Image Enhancement 1761/DEL/2013
194 Improved Method for Extraction of Lipopolysaccharide 201611004883
195 Improved Single Phase Phase-Locked Loop 349/DEL/2007
196 Incandescent Lamp 2276/DEL/2010
197 Independently Controlled Gull inspired Bionic Flapping Wing Mechanism for UAVs 509/DEL/2015
198 Interactive Board Game
199 Low Emission Energy Efficient Gas Burner 2347/DEL/2009
200 Low Loss Fast Electro-optically tuned embedded ring modulator or filter 1519/DEL/2014
201 Magnesium Inserted Porphyrin Compound, its Blends and Devices thereof 3272/DEL/2011
202 Magnetic Cr02 Polymer Composite Blends 933/DEL/2000
203 Magnetic Float Levitative Finishing 883/DEL/2007
204 Manufacturing of Organic Photovoltaic Device 654/DEL/2011
205 Mass Diffusivity Measurement System 904/DEL/2014
206 Measurement of submicron focused charged particles beams using a current flux grating:spider probe 1301/DEL/2012
207 Medical Actuator 3846/DEL/2013
208 Metal Nanoparticles-Doped Antibacterial Agents and methods of Preparation and use 2463/DEL/2013
209 Metamaterial Structures for Q-Switching in Lasers 3706/DEL/2012
210 Method for Preparation of Graphitic Carbon Micro-Nanofiber-based Electrodes, Asymmetrically dispersed with Bimetal Nanoparticles 654/DEL/2015
211 Method for preparing carbon based highly flexible smart battery micro fiber in the form of lithium ion batteries 1985/DEL/2014
212 Method for preparing highly conducting and thermally stable PVDF-HFP based electrolytes for lithium ion battery application 1987/DEL/2014
213 Method for preparing silicon based highly flexible smart battery micro fiber in the form of lithium ion batteries 1986/DEL/2014
214 Method for the synthesis of y-FE203 523/DEL/2001
215 Method of Fabricating Organic Thin Film and Organic Thin Film thereof 1585/DEL/2011
216 Method of Manufacturing of Carbon Nano Tube Coated Glass Fiber/ Fabric and its Hybrid Nanocomposites 1996/DEL/2008
217 Method of Polymerization and the Polymers formed thereby 2308/DEL/2008
218 Method of Preparing Magnetic Polymer Material Composites with Magnetic and Electrically Conducting Features 858/DEL/2000
219 Method, System and Device for Enhancing Flow Field Data 797/DELL/2011
220 Methods and Systems for Health Monitoring 5/DEL/2014
221 Methods for Fabricating Optical Lenses 3473/DEL/2013
222 Microbe-Based Masters for Micro Contact Printing and Methods for Their Preparation and Use 1468/DEL/2013
223 Microfluidic Chip Holder 3643/DEL/2015
224 Microfluidic Devices and Methods for their Preparation Use 2232/DEL/2014
225 Micropattern Generation with Pulsed Laser Diffraction
226 Micropump for Fluidic Applications 201611005750
227 Microvalves for Fluidic Applications 3565/DEL/2015
228 Millimetre level measuring ruler for fully/partially visually impaired 650/DEL/2013
229 Millimetre Level Measuring Ruler for Measuring by Touch 650/DEL/2013
230 Miniature Lenses, Systems and Methods of Making the same
231 Modular Unit Attachment for Performing Dry and near Dry Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) 2082/DEl/2008
232 Multi-walled carbon nanotube forest grown on carbon fiber as supercapacitor electrodes and the method of preparation thereof 1348/DEL/2014
233 Multielement focused ion beam system using an intense microwave plasma 1452/DEL/2013
234 Multifunctional interactive walking stick 1954/DEL/2014
235 Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis 3027/DEL/2012
236 Multiple criteria decision analysis in distributed databases 50/DEL/2014
237 Multiple slit nozzle-based high volume PM2.5 impactor assembly 2088/DEL/2014
238 Nanobrushes and methods of manufacture and use 548/DEL/2014
239 Nanocrystalline Titanium Carbide and Process of Preparation 892/DEL/2010
240 Nanoparticles Loaded Polymer Capsules, Process for Synthesis and Application thereof 409/DEL/2011
241 Nanotextured Dielectric in electrolyte insulator semiconductor devices for enhanced sensitivity"(New Title) "A Method of fabricating a dielectricmaterial with enchanced sensitivity 1852/DEL/2010
242 New Blue Fluorescent Marker for Protein Labeling: Specific and Facile reaction with Tyrosine 2774/DEL/2015
243 New Duplex Adsorption Process for Fractionation of Gas Mixture 1567/DEL/2006
244 New processing technique of photolithography to make defect free organic light emitting diode display 2538/DEL/2012
245 Novel Donor-Acceptor Fluorene Scaffoflds: A Process and uses thereof 838/DEL/2008
246 Novel Drosophila Tumor Model for Screening Anti-cancer Drugs and Methods thereof 1265/DEL/2013
247 Novel Fly Tumor Model and Methods of Screening Drugs Thereon 899/DEL/2013
248 Novel Liquid-Solid Radially Cross-Flow Multi-Stage Fluidized Bed Contactor 830/DEL/2007
249 Novel Low Temperature Synthesis of Nd-doped Bismuth Titanate Nanoparticles 804/DEL/2007
250 Novel Phosphonated poly ether ether ketone polymer as an alternative to nafion for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell and the method of manufacturing the same 908/DEL/2014
251 One step method for the preparation of Zinc-doped titania nanotube array for photocatalytic dye sensitized solar cells, energy conversion devices, and degradation of water and air pollutants 909/DEL/2014
252 One Step Synthesis of carbon Nanotube-Ceramic Nanocomposite Powder for Structural Nanocomposites 1332/DEL/2014
253 Optical Enhancement of Two-Photon Absorption Process 704/DEL/2008
254 Ordered array of nanopore formation in aluminum thin-films using self-assembled monolayer of polystyrene microspheres and two types of anodic-oxidation 2543/DEL/2013
255 Organic Thin Film Transistors and Methods for Their Manufacturing and Use 1032/DEL/2013
256 Organic Thin Film Transistors with Vertical Source and Drain Separation 1775/DEL/2004
257 Ornithopter 59/DEL/2015
258 Peltify’- Wearable device for Thermoregulation 277649
259 Pentacene Deposition in Organic thin film Transistors 1615/DEL/2013
260 Phase Transformable Cryogel Scaffold for Tissue Engineering 1775/DEL/2011
261 Photovoltaic Inverter System 1978/DEL/2014
262 Piston Based Resistor 1886/DEL/2007
263 Polymer Matrix Scaffold and Process for Preparation thereof 2851/DEL/2008
264 Polymeric nanocomposite films with embedded channels and Methods of their preparation and use 264/DEL/2014
265 Polymeric nanocomposites and methods for their preparation and use 3233/DEL/2012
266 Polymers blended rheological abrasive medium (Composition and preparation) 712/DEL/2013
267 Polysillicon Amoled Self- Biased Cascode Pixel Circuit with Highly Linear Transfer Characteristics 1774/DEL/2004
268 Powder Coating System and Method 2151/DEL/2010
269 Power Extraction From Direct Current Power Source 512/DEL/2011
270 Power Extraction from Photovoltaic Power Sources 1769/DEL/2011
271 Power Supply System 1053/DEL/2011
272 Process for Drilling Contoured Deep Hole in Super Alloys using STED to Enhance Cooling in Turbine Blades 1134/DEL/2007
273 Process for Generation of a Nano-wrinkled Substrate and its Applications thereof 816/DEL/2013
274 Process for Immobilization of Liquid Crystal on Solid Surface 1128/DEL/2014
275 Process for Nitration of Macromolecules 2350/DEL/2004
276 Process for Preparation of Chiral Y-Lactams 1870/DEL/2010
277 Process for Synthesis Of A Catalyst For Hydrodesulfurization 1590/DEL/2014
278 Process for Synthesis of Nanocrystalline Hydroxyapatite 828/DEL/2008
279 Process for Synthesis of Sonicated Hierarchal Web of Carbon Micro-Nano-Fiber and Applications thereof 1157/DEL/2009
280 Process for the Recovery of Inorganic Sodium Compounds from kraft Black Liquor 814/DEL/1995
281 Process for the Synthesis of Highly Functionalized Racemic and Non-Racemic Piperidines 2403/DEL/2010
282 Profile Measurement Machine 1656/DEL/2007
283 PVA-Boronic Acid Containing Copolymer Compositions for Protein Delivery 1773/DEL/2011
284 Rare-Earth Oxide Dispersed Sintered Stainless Steels (REO-Steels) 1224/DEL/2006
285 Real time digital image stabilization 2041/DEL/2013
286 Recuperative Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Vortex Burner System 3197/DEL/2005
287 Remote Monitoring and Control for Power System Network Using Mobile SCADA Application 1322/DEL/2014
288 Remote Service Machine (RSM) 932/DEL/2008
289 RFID TAGS 1467/DEL/2013
290 River-Pass through a Dam or Barrage with Reservoir 494/DEL/2015
291 Rotational - Magnetorheological Abrasive flow finishing (R-MRAFF) Device and Method therefor Nano Finishing of Complex surfaces 1730/DEL/2015
292 Rotatory Abrasive Flow Finishing Process for Finishing and Texturing of Internal and External Surfaces of Hard and Composite Materials and An Apparatus therefore 811/DEL/2009
293 Safety System for Vehicles 589/DEL/2011
294 Seed Sowing Boot for Grain and/or Granular Fertilizer 201611002790
295 Shadow Masks and methods for their preparation and use / old title- A Dry Process for Rapid Fabrication of Large Area Shadow Masks 1685/DEL/2014
296 Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) Wire as Sensor for Taylor Bubble 903/DEL/2015
297 Signal Detection System 1617/DEL/2010
298 Single Phase Buck-Boost Photovoltaic Micro-Inverter 3269/DEL/2014
299 Single Step Direct Patterning of Antibodies using UV Lithography 3696/DEL/2015
300 Single-Stage Transformer- Less Photovoltaic Inverter 2607/DEL/2014
301 Smart analyte responsive microspheres and nanospheres for controlled delivery of biomolecules 1773/DEL/2011
302 Smart Card Operating System (SCOSTA) Commercialized on 2013
303 Software Flutter Shutter Imaging System for Blur Removal Using a High Speed Camera 3488/DEL/2013
304 Solar Based Water Purification 2894/DEL/2013
305 Soundcape Generation 2642/DEL/2010
306 Spherical Crystalline Nano Hydroxyapatite and Method of Manufacture from Calcium Oxide 1901/DEL/2008
307 Split-Table ATM Multicast Switch 983/DEL/1997
308 Stabilized Material for Subgrade Pavement 3776/DEL/2015
309 Superior And Cost Effective Grease Feedstock from Ppolyethylene Mixed Waste 614/DEL/2010
310 Surface Functionalization unit 546/DEL/2013
311 Suspension Agitator 923/DEL/2014
312 Swachaalan – Home Automation System Utilizing Digital Waste 212/DEL/2015
313 Synthesis of stable nanocrystalline iron carbides by reaction milling in a dual-drive planetary mill 1021/DEL/2007
314 System and Method for Characterizing Focused Charged Beams 1301/DEL/2012
315 System and Method for Nanofinishing of a workpiece 380/DEL/2013
316 Systems and methods for dry processing fabrication of binary masks with arbitrary shapes for ultra-violet laser micromachining 1858/DEL/2012
317 Systems and Methods for Imaging Characteristics of a Sample and for Identifying Regions of Damage in the Sample 2433/DEL/2010
318 Systems and Methods for Signature Verification 1801/DEL/2013
319 Tangentially Fed Hydrogen Fuel Swirl Burner 2545/DEL/2013
320 Temperature Sensitive Paint for the Usage in Green Spectrum of Light 201611001597
321 The Drift-Battery Operated Campus Vehicle 234987
322 Thermal Stress Induced Nanometer Scale Separation between Electrodes: Method for their Preparation and Use 194/DEL/2015
323 Thin Film Transistor with A Current- Induced Channel 3997/DEL/2012
324 Toilet Waste Treatment System and Device 1996/DEL/2010
325 Tool For Measuring and Drawing Quadrilateral/19-99
326 Transfer of Power to Contact-Less Smart Cards with Light from the Reader 2190/DEL/2005
327 Tubular Microwave Sintering Furnace 1147/DEL/2006
328 Two Dimensional Nano-Positioner 323/DEL/2007
329 Two Way Volume Adjustable Load Bearing Foldable unit pliable material for making furniture 1481/DEL/2013
330 Two- Fluid Atomizer 1551/DEL/2013
331 Unsteady wall heat flux sensor for extreme applications 3977/DEL/2014
332 Vein Visualization Device 1525/DEL/2012
333 Vibration Energy Harvesting Device 823/DEL/2014
334 WDM Optical Packet Switch incorporating Fiber Bragg Gratings and Circulator 2706/DEL/2007
335 White Light Emitting Zinc Based OLED 1776/DEL/2004
336 Wide Band Loop Antenna 1594/DEL/2006
337 Wireless Layered Structure Analyzer 3386/DEL/2013
338 Wound Dressing Polymer Matrix 2275/DEL/2009
339 Zinc Chalcogenides, Doped Zinc Chalcogenides and Methods Of Making 384/DEL/2011

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