Materials Patent Records

Inventions Title
A Blue Organic Light Emitting Diode and Method of Fabrication thereof
A Hybrid Ink Formulation and a Method for Preparing the same
A Magnetic Conductive Polymer for Read and Write Head and a Process for Preparation thereof
A Magneto-Resistive Polymer Composition
A Medium for Nanofinishing of Complex Component's Internal/External Surface and a Method for Preparation thereof
A Method for Creation of 2 and 3-Dimensional Micro Channels of Varied Dimensions using Replication and Molding around a Wire
A Method of Fabricating High-Performance Poly (VINYLIDENEDIFLUORIDE-TRIFLUOROETHYLENE), P (VDF-TRFE) Films
A Nickel Coated Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites and a Method for the Preparation thereof
A Novel Functionally Graded Polymer(s)/Polymeric Nanocomposite(s) [FGP(s)]/FGPNC (s)] having Glass Transition Temperature Variation and a Process for Preparation thereof
A Photolithographic Process for the Preparation of OLED Displays
A Printing based method of fabricating a metal oxide thin film and its device component thereof
A Process for Preparation of Micron Sized High Molecular Weight Polymer
Advanced Sintering System
An Improved Organic Light Emitting Diode and Improved Light Emitting Diode for Tuning the White Emission and Process for Fabrication thereof
Butt Joint using Reinforced Adhesives
Cervical Pre-Cancer detection with Polarized Fluorescence based Portable Device
Corrosion Resistant Phosphoric Iron for Concrete Embedment and Reinforcement Applications
Design of Emission Tomographic measurement set-up for Plasma Application
Fabrication of Jute Fibre Sandwitch Composites
Flexible Supercapacitors Utilizing Electrochemically Active Materials Based Nanocomposite Hybrid Electrodes and Method of Manufacturing Thereof
Functionally Graded Magnetic Materials and a Method for Preparation of the same
Functionally Graded Polymer Nanocomposites/Composites having crosslinking density variation and their manufacture
Functionally Graded Wide-Band Polymeric Composites for Microwave Absorbers and Method of Manufacturing the same
Hydrooxyapatite Poly (etheretherketone) Nanocomposites and Method of Manufacturing
Magnetic Cr02 Polymer Composite Blends
Metamaterial Structures for Q-Switching in Lasers
Method for the synthesis of y-FE203
Method of Preparing Magnetic Polymer Material Composites with Magnetic and Electrically Conducting Features
Novel Low Temperature Synthesis of Nd-doped Bismuth Titanate Nanoparticles
Powder Coating System and Method
Rare-Earth Oxide Dispersed Sintered Stainless Steels (REO-Steels)
Stabilized Material for Subgrade Pavement
Tubular Microwave Sintering Furnace
White Light Emitting Zinc Based OLED
Zinc Chalcogenides, Doped Zinc Chalcogenides and Methods Of Making

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