Machine and Manufacturing Patent Records

Inventions Title
A Device for Magnetic Abrasive Finishing of a Work piece and Magnetic Abrasive Finishing Process
A Finishing Device
A Hydrogen/Methanol Based Low Working Temperature Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell
A Method for Magnetic Abrasive Finishing using a Pulsating Flexible Magnetic Abrasive Brush and a Magnetic Abrasive Finishing Device
A Method of Preparing Fiber Reinforced Plastic Articles Using Rubber Pressure Moulding Technique
A New Self Configurable Modular Robot
A Novel Self Powered, Intelligent Pipe Health Monitoring Robot (PHMR) for Inspecting Gas Pipe line
A Novel Tube-Well Hand Pump
A System for Particle Generator in PIV Applications
Affordable In-house Modular Planetarium
An Abrasive Flow Finishing Device, an Abrasive Flow Finishing Process and Magnetorheological Polishing Fluid
An Improved Oven
An Integrated Solar Energy Harvesting and Storage
Automatic Mechanical Pricking Machine
Carry Bag Making Machine
Device for power control and storm protection for variable pitch Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT)
Electrospinning Apparatus for Producing Nanofibers and Process thereof
Finishing Apparatus
Flexible Temperature Sensor and Sensor Array
Functional Pump Generator
High Efficiency Variable-Pitch Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT)
High Endurance Quadrotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Independently Controlled Gull inspired Bionic Flapping Wing Mechanism for UAVs
Interactive Board Game
Magnetic Float Levitative Finishing
Micropump for Fluidic Applications
Millimetre Level Measuring Ruler for Measuring by Touch
Modular Unit Attachment for Performing Dry and near Dry Electric Discharge Machining (EDM)
Multielement focused ion beam system using an intense microwave plasma
Novel Liquid-Solid Radially Cross-Flow Multi-Stage Fluidized Bed Contactor
Process for Drilling Contoured Deep Hole in Super Alloys using STED to Enhance Cooling in Turbine Blades
Profile Measurement Machine
Rotational - Magnetorheological Abrasive flow finishing (R-MRAFF) Device and Method therefor Nano Finishing of Complex surfaces
Rotatory Abrasive Flow Finishing Process for Finishing and Texturing of Internal and External Surfaces of Hard and Composite Materials and An Apparatus therefore
Seed Sowing Boot for Grain and/or Granular Fertilizer
Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) Wire as Sensor for Taylor Bubble
Swachaalan – Home Automation System Utilizing Digital Waste
System and Method for Characterizing Focused Charged Beams
Systems and methods for dry processing fabrication of binary masks with arbitrary shapes for ultra-violet laser micromachining
Two Dimensional Nano-Positioner
Two Way Volume Adjustable Load Bearing Foldable unit pliable material for making furniture
Two- Fluid Atomizer

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