On incubation, SIIC offers not only a fully furnished, air-conditioned incubation space with all the necessary amenities and a residential unit for startups but also a common pool of soft and hard infrastructure to be shared by all incubatee companies.

Incubation Space

Fully furnished, air conditioned space to the incubatees. The centre has rooms of three sizes.

  1. First room is 500 sq. ft.

  2. Second is 325 sq. ft.

  3. Third is 250 sq. ft.

Besides this, we also have Seminar/Conference Halls.

Upon admission to SIIC, the following facilities will be offered to the incubated companies on an individual basis:

  • Office space.

  • Computers - Up to two on rental basis. More than two can be availed at market rates.

  • Printer.

  • Internet connection.

  • Phone connection - Each company will pay the rentals and bills.

  • Standard Furniture as decided by SIIC.

  • One Accommodation to Director/Promoter depending upon the availability (One room in RA hostel).

Common Infrastructure

SIIC provides a common pool of hard and soft infrastructure to be shared by all incubated companies. The following resources are provided:

  • Fax machine.

  • Photocopying machine.

  • CD-cutting machine.

  • Document Scanner.

  • Library: Management Books, Subscription to IT, Business, Management and Trade journals and newspapers.

  • Meeting/Conference room with projection equipment.

  • Tele or Video conferencing facilities.

The new facilities recently set up by the centre include:

Tinkering Laboratory :

The Tinkering Laboratory is a platform for creative minds to come out of their ‘Think Space’ to hands-on ‘Tinker Space’, so as to transform their ideas into real-time engineering objects, and eventually to products and patents. The lab is accessible to incubators from all across the country as well as to students and start-up entrepreneurs to test, validate and prototype their ideas into new products and services, specifically in the areas of advanced technology domain. The Tinkering Lab has been set up by SIIC, IIT Kanpur in collaboration with NSTEDB (National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board).

Motwani Ideation Accelerator :

Established with the generous funding by Motwani Foundation, Motwani Ideation Accelerator is a soft facility in the domain of embedded systems, platforms, algorithms and IT related ideas. It is housed in the Motwani building, IIT Kanpur and is under the purview of SIIC.

4i Lab :

The four is stand for Innovation, Integration, Incubation and Implementation. The lab is a central facility for concept design and product realization. The processes of design, simulation and manufacturing are integrated in a digital environment. The facility also serves the professional course requirements of students of various streams. It also provides infrastructure for sponsoring research and industrial consultancy. The 4i lab houses state of the art CAD and CAM tools with the latest capabilities in shape acquisition, modelling and prototyping. They have helped in radically expanding the domain of geometric shapes that can be realized for any product.


Syndicate Bank Entrepreneurship Research and Training Centre at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (SBERTC–IITK) aims to conduct cutting edge research, teaching and training in entrepreneurship in the Indian context by utilizing the facilities of SIIC and the existing intellectual pool in the Institute. The centre through its various activities will consistently challenge students, faculty and community members to undertake entrepreneurial challenges that will have real impact and create significant value addition for all the stakeholders, including the society at large.

Incubation Accelerator :

SIIC has plans to set up incubation accelerators in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, and the USA.

In addition, SIIC may facilitate access to the Institute infrastructure or laboratories as per the norms of IIT Kanpur.


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