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Aarna Biomedical Products Private Limited
Contact @ +91-8105311590‬
Light-weight and low-cost breast prostheses for breast-cancer patients

Adhita Biosciences Private Limited
Contact @ +91-9506304840

Development of agro-climatic zone specific custom made bio-pesticides and Bio-fertilizer
Aikya Organics Private Limited
Promoting organic farming through an association with a FPO and retail customers

Airshed Planning Professionals Private Limited
Contact @ +91-8887623025

Environmental Consulting Services and manufacture of air quality measuring, monitoring and analyzer instruments

Agpulse Organics Private Limited
Contact @ +91-9958661464

Deals in the product which are organic in nature and organic/natural farming.

AgroNxt Services Private Limited
Contact @ +91-172-3962577​

Provides a web based online platform that offers variety of different agricultural products to the farmers and the availability of these products in their field itself. They address the crop related consulting issues of the farmers and availability of different agricultural products at their door step.
APCEGEN Technologies Private Limited
Contact @ 0512-2596651
Develop and manufacture human therapeutics, with a blend of advances in molecular biology & cell engineering, to combat diseases like Arthritis and Cancer. 

Arogyam Medisoft Solution Private Limited
Contact @ +91-9836434258

A lightweight medical device to examine blood and urine samples; point of care device.The device is IOT enabled; Tele-health and electronic health record platform.

BINVENTOR Labs Private Limited
Contact @ +91-8004443974
UV light protective fabric conditioner
Bioscan Research​ Private Limited                              
Contact @ +91-8154880999 
Low-cost hand-held brain hemorrhage detection device
Campus Haat Solutions Private Limited
Contact @ +91-9769387997
An online all-in-one hyperlocal  platform for campus communities aimed to reduce the daily hassles of its residents especially  students, professors and local shopkeepers.
CDSpace Robotics  Private Limited
Contact @ +91-9455133142
Building next generation drones for future transportation
Cenogen Materials Private Limited
Contact @ +91-9415511477,+91-9628914000,
Fabrication of High Energy Dual Drive Planetary Mills Producing Nano grain sized Carbides, Oxides & Bio Materials
Decentrik Technologies Private Limited
Contact @ +91-7838750930,7320060000
Mobile/Fixed Water ATM with inbuilt purification, chilling and dispensing facility for evolving Road Side Smart Public Drinking  System which will be  extended to other beverages in due course.
Delmos Research Private Limited
Contact @ +91-8813819899
Manufacturer of advanced & easy to use reagent strips for detection of adulteration in milk

Deoria Design
Contact @ +91-9820221009

Deoria Design offers fashionable accessories handcrafted by women from tiny village of suroli, zila Deoria, UP. 
Doorastha Analytics Private Limited
Contact @ +91-9910223331
Solar-powered 24-hour electricity to small shop owners for cleaner energy
E-Spin Nanotech Private Limited
Contact @ +91-9451222560
Biotechnology (scaffold, tissues, band-aid),
Filters (Air filters, Water filters, Oil filters),
Synthesis of nano-materials, Electronic devices, 
Composite materials
GitiTech Private Limited
Contact @ 0512-2597146, +91-9984365312;;
To design , manufacture and commercialize optical lenses, smart phone based microscope, Dentoscope, Darmatoscope and reusable adhesive material
Contact @ +91- 6261002059
Organic farming and delivery of staples to retail customers
Greengine Environmental Technologies Private Limited
Contact @ +91-9740939799
An environmental services and product company to provide end to end, innovative, tailor made solutions for water and wastewater treatment industry and also focus development and commercialization of algae based CO2 sequestration systems
Healted Technologies Private Limited
Contact @ +91-9022089977
Addresses the gap in availability and accessibility to ethical super specialist opinion in India via online platform
Kanpur Flowercycling Private Limited (Helpusgreen)
Contact @ +91-7081161616

Helpusgreen the flagship of this startup, an award winning social enterprise which  has pioneered the ‘flowercycling’ technology.  The floral temple -waste is hand-crafted by women to produce - biodegradable alternate to Styrofoam, plant fertilizer, charcoal-free incense & soap.

Ignis Careers Private Limited
Contact @ +91-9618021015
The company’s programs focus on core Life Skills and functional English to the affordable Private Schools(APS) segment.
iMinBit TechIndia Private Limited
Contact @ +91-9453371496
Provides Cost and Energy saving Reverse Osmosis based water purifier by minimising the waste-water generated.
Incredible Devices Private Limited
Contact @ +91-8699011990

Catheter Reprocessing System (CRS) is a revolutionary machine which reprocess angiography/angioplasty catheters and helps in reducing cost of catheters by 99%.

Inhof Technologies Private Limited                                                                                         

Smart app-based solution for dairy farmers for tracking all dairy related activities
Innovative Machines Agro India Private Limited
Contact @ +91-8851174557
Low-cost rice threshing machine for small farmers for efficient harvesting of paddy
Intignus Biotech Private Limited                                         
Contact @ +91-9545087830‬
Device for diagnosis of pre-eclempsia in early stage pregnancies
InvoViron Industries Trading Private Limited
Contact @ +91-9997899563
Converting waste chicken feathers into degradable bioplastic products
JB Infolabs Private Limited
Contact @ +91-8077982615
Provides demand driven online platform to farmers which enables farmers to sell their vegetables directly to different businesses like restaurants/hotels/stores/vendors/institutes etc.

Kanopy Solutions Private Limited
Contact @ +91-8604355668,+91-8604355669;

Affordable solutions in electro-chemical instrumentation
Potentiostat, Electrochemical Accessories  (Reference Electrodes, Counter Electrodes, Electrochemical cell set-up)
Kritsnam  Technologies Private Limited
Contact @ +91-9005850180,+91-9532832241;
Real time monitoring of hydrological, geological and environmental Phenomena  using the technology of Internet for efficient water resource management
M3 Toilet Resources India Private Limited                
Contact @ +91-9696969909‬
Self-cleaning solar-operated smart toilets for public sanitation
Mcgeeks Mechatronics Private Limited
Contact @ +91-7017494649
Provides customized products, services and designs in the field of engineering

NaturAlms  Innovations  Pvt. Ltd.
Contact @ +91-7000180738

Manufactures cow urine and dung based products at primary stage such as herbal phenyls, mosquito repellents and organic insect controllers.

Naturesense Technologies Private Limited
Contact @ +91-9889197161,+91-9458282527
Design and development of Ultra low cost air sampling instruments. Air Sampling Device that can sample both PM as well as Bioaerosols present in the ambient air.
Customized PM sampler and Bioaerosol sampler.
Air Quality sampling and analysis.
Environment consultancy and development of ecosystems
Nocca Robotics Pvt. Ltd.
Contact @ +91-7275965552
Water-less PV Solar Panel Cleaning robot
NURBS 3D Solutions Private Limited
Contact @ +91-9839985535
3D Visualization( in the form of Image or Video) for various Industries , Simulation & Animated Program for educational & research purpose.
Offgrid Energy Labs Private Limited
Contact @ +91-8004443974
Energy storage systems, for electric two wheelers, driving disruptive impact through technology on the Electric Vehicle ecosystem
Orane Infosystems Private Limited
Contact @ +91-9807089957, +91-9161954106;;
Product line: RFID,WSN, embedded systems and 
Customized  IT solutions for industry.
Oxen Farm Solutions Private Limited
Contact @ +91-9717578111

Offers farm mechanization services by providing access to advanced technologies in a tech enabled, efficient and pay per use model across a range of services – crop residue management, land preparation, planting, crop management, harvesting and post harvest processing.

Promorph Solutions Private Limited
Contact @ +91-9695888288,+91-9696533355
The product EMPOWERU is an analytical tool for following functions:Government Schools Monitoring, Higher Education Institute Governance & Educational Quality Monitoring, Student-Industry Interaction
Prosoc Innovators Private Limited
Contact @ +91-7753058918
DESKIT: School bag convertible into study table
and News Paper Carry bag Making Machine in the process of developing products to impact the society.
Rcupe Lifesciences​ Private Limited
Contact @ +91-8197232975
Easy access to blood veins for IV in case of emergencies
Sandhya Enterprises Private Limited
Contact @ +91-9810300708
Developing herbal cosmetic products
SattvaQwath Technologies Private Limited
Contact @ +91-9616927087
A tech-enabled platform with an aim to revolutionize India’s recruitment process for the unorganized and entry level jobs
Securefire Safety Industries
Contact @ +91-9871802551
Providing the most innovative Energy Saving, thermal insulating and fire products
Sirimiri Good Sight Private Limited
Contact @ +91-9820747940
A social initiative to enhance affordable and comprehensive eye care in undeserved regions-rural and urban slums
Socents Ventures Private Limited
Contact @ +91-522-4000017, 4037607​
A social enterprise for people with disabilies specifically in rural areas. Applicants (PwDs) are screened from the villages by the startup and one person from each village takes up the Saudaagar franchise which primarily deals in FMCG and products of daily rural household needs.
Sushank GlamTech Private Limited
Contact @ +91-7408444688

Salons nearby is a mobile application which gives location based results. It is simplest platform for users to find salons and check out their deals and take an informed decision.

Taankbrothers Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
Contact @ 9833890186

The exotic organic black chicken - Kadaknath is a pure breed, black chicken-very high on protein and taste, while being low on cholesterol and fat content. 

Taral Engineering Solutions Private Limited 
Contact @
+91-9935274672, +91-8004519451;
SandFix: separates sand & grit  particles upto nano particles size distribution with high efficiency.
Tatolo Stores Private Limited
Contact @ +91-9717812555
Provides a unique shopping experience to the people in rural India by taking the e-commerce marketplace to them
Tattva Hical and Compounds Private Limited
Contact @ +91-9342435266
Working in the production of granulated lime that increases yield and productivity of the crops beyond fertilizers.

Vdai Biosec Private Limited
Contact @ +91-9336742920

Biometric Technologies for use in Rural and Field locations. Successful Implementations done in Basic Education, Health Department

Villa Mart Private Limited
Contact @ +91-7872454116

One stop solution for many rural problems by creating a physical market place (both mobile and static) for rural people: both to Buy & Sale, by minimizing the post-harvest loss through their solar enabled low cost cold store at the farm place, stabilizing food price by adopting some hybrid food processing techniques and providing technology to farmers & rural professionals

XGro Technologies Private Limited
Contact @ +91-7045041228

Vertical Farming


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