Wide Band Loop Antenna

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Wide band antennas, having bandwidth of about 50% to 75% of the center frequency of the antenna, are disclosed.


Key Features: 

  • A wideband antenna includes a conducting plate with a hole in it The plate and the hole are characterized by first and second lengths which are the lengths of longest lines that can be drawn in the plate and the hole respectively.
  • The first length bears a first predetermined ratio with the wavelength corresponding to the centre frequency. The second length of the hole bears a second predetermined ratio with the first length.
  • The Presence of the hole results in a non uniform cross section of the plate. the conducting plate has a slit that extends from an edge of the hole to an edge of the plate. A balanced feed line is connected to the slit edges.


  • The proposed antenna was targeted for RFID and WLAN applications. However, the frequency scalability of the antenna does not limit the potential applications to these two only.


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