Vein Visualization Device

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The device provides real-time visual contrast to veins hidden in the tissue for administering intravenous injections, without any external aids

Key Features: 

  •  Provides visual contrast by incorporating the response of blood in the vein as well as the visual colour sensitivity.
  •  It uses light source peaking at 575 nm, that matches with an absorption peak of blood in the veins.
  •  The spectral content helps enhance visual sensitivity as it aids both photopic and scotopic response.
  •  First and only device in the world that optimises both the blood response as well as the visual sensitivity.


  • A tool to increase delivery of intravenous injections in in adults, children and infants
  • Reduces pain and trauma by reducing the number of attempts required to give an intravenous injection
  • Easy to use and safe tool for all health care providers
  • Can be a life-saving tool in cases of neonatal and senior citizens involving either a very fine vein or in cases of vein collapse

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