Thermal Stress Induced Nanometer Scale Separation between Electrodes: Method for their Preparation and Use

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A cost-efficient and facile technique for formation of nano separation in a material

Formation of a nano crack in Si O2 localized as desired

Key Features: 

  • New process of fabricating features of sizes in Nano length scale.
  • A method which is independent of material which is to be patterned.
  • Utilizing thermal stresses, nano-features are fabricated
  • Process can be performed on entire wafer, simultaneously for all locations where a nano separation is desired.
  • The locations are defined by a notch by conventional optical lithography.
  • Avoids use of expensive equipment and allows high through-put at low cost.
  • Use of an overlaying thin film which can serve as an etch mask.


  • Semiconductor device manufacturing

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