Systems and Methods for Imaging Characteristics of a Sample and for Identifying Regions of Damage in the Sample

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Portable high sensitivity magneto-optical imaging instrument working on a principle of imaging self magnetic fields generated from electric currents,enables the imaging of regions in a metal surface with microscopic structural damage and also locations predisposed to developing structural damage.

Key Features: 

  • The invention works on the principle of high sensitive detection ofweakfaraday rotation of linearly polarized light of weak magnetic fields generated from dc currents sent through a metallic surface.
  • Non-uniformity of the current density in the specimen surface is associated with regions with defect and/or structural damage.
  • The instrument has an unique dual mode operation capability, viz., can operate in a direct current (DC] mode as well as in an Alternating current (AC) mode.


  • Any industry which needs non destructive evaluation of structural damage in metal structures e.g., aviation industry, automobile industry, military industiy, etc.

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