A System for Generating Crystal of Desired Size and Number Density of a Bio-molecule and Process thereof

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A system and a process for generating crystals of macromolecules, for example, proteins, peptides, etc., between two substrates wherein either or both of which are topographically and/or chemically patterned

Key Features: 

  • The system comprises of a small volume of the solution of macro-molecule sandwiched between two substrates with a small controllable gap in-between
  • At least one of the substrates is patterned with a uniform undulation and sharp kinks of specific number density
  • The uniform undulation has periodicity in the range of lOOnm-lOOOnm; and angle of kink generated between two neighboring wrinkles ranges from 0-90 degree
  • The process can be used for generating crystals of very small to large size


  • Controlled drug delivery
  • Areas of biotechnology which involves large scale generation and easy harvest of crystals

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