A System and Method for Transmitting Mails from a First Location to a Second Location

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A system and method for secure and fast mail transmission from first location to a second location

Key Features: 

  • The devices are enabled to transmit/receive data including textual and digital data, and being interconnected via respective wireless devices to a satellite network.
  • Each of the devices comprises a scanner, a bar code reader or a magnetic strip reader, a memory to store data, a display screen, a printer, a power unit, an audio recorder and software means incorporating instructions.
  • Each of the device is enabled to operate in a transaction mode and/or a reception mode.
  • Cost effective, reduction in transit time of the mails, fast, secure and easy to operate.


  • Transfer of financial instruments
  • Transmission of colour data and images
  • Export of technologies, products, and process. etc

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