Superior And Cost Effective Grease Feedstock from Ppolyethylene Mixed Waste

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Process of tailoring the catalyst and reactor operating conditions for high yield of different grades to greases.

Key Features: 

  • Extremely high yield of different grease grades are obtained by manipulating reaction conditions ective Grease Feed Stock Form Polyethylene Mixed Waste
  • For producing value added products from polyethylene waste as in petrochemical Patent Filed Indian Patent Application No: 614/DEL/2010 industries Inventors: Dr. Anil Kumar Dr. Nitin Kaistha
  • The grease is miscible with any lubricating oil and its viscosity is adjusted to any level Department of Chemical Engineering.


  • No thickening agent is needed.
  • The grease is thermally stable and requires no antioxidants.
  • The process uses polyethylene waste as feed material and is extremely cost effective.

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