Split-Table ATM Multicast Switch

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This invention relates to a Split Table ATM Multicast Switch (S-TAMB).

Key Features: 

  • The split Table ATM multicast switch (S-TAMS) for use in the series characterized in that an input cells processor being connected to a running adder and dummy address encoder adapted to be connected to a combactor, a replicating banyan network being connected to the outputs of said combactor, the outputs of said replicating banyan being connected to a routing network having output buffer being connected therewith.
  • Split Table ATM multicast switch having the means to reduces memory network but function efficiently.
  • It obviates the table duplication problem.


  • Video-conferencing video-on--demand multiparty telephony, distributed computing, video- distribution and broadcasting and tele-teaching.
  • Banking and IT & ITES,  E-governance companies.

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