Soundcape Generation

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Technology to provide a layer of audio information over the image/map servers, e.g., Google Earth, using available audio files, so a user while viewing image/map information can also hear the sound specific to any location.

Key Features: 

  • Current image/map servers only provide visual information with few audio files which can be heard on playing these.
  • Unlike visual information the audio information is discreet, depending on the place where an audio file is uploaded.
  • More audio file are being uploaded as people like to hear the sound of a place.
  • It computes the sound reaching at any and every location of terrain on map/image server using the sound files uploaded in the surrounding.
  • Provides continous audio experience of the terrain as user moves over the image /map server.


  • Invention will lead to providing a continuous layer of sound over image/map servers.
  • Applications in tourism, planning and impact assessment.

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