Solar Based Water Purification

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Water purification system using an enhanced solar still to provide potable water throughout the day from impure water.

Key Features: 

  • Fresnel lens to concentrate light in a solar still making it less sensitive to the position of the sun.
  • The use of hydrophobic membranes to increase the evaporation rate.
  • Air pumps to convey water vapor into reservoirs and avoid inclining the condensing wall.
  • Solar photovoltaic system to support peripherals and enable 24 hour operation.
  • An overall buoyant device that can float on water and form a large-area network.
  • Being solar based, operating costs are low as compared to reserve osmosis, UV radiation, and ultra filtration.


  • Treatment of waste water from tanneries, agriculture, and impure water from mines.
  • Useful in dry barren areas with low population density.
  • Will be attractive to the Navy and ISRO.
  • Can be adopted under the corporate social responsibility programs of various companies.

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