Rotatory Abrasive Flow Finishing Process for Finishing and Texturing of Internal and External Surfaces of Hard and Composite Materials and An Apparatus therefore

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Nano finishing process for complex surfaces made of advanced materials.

Key Features: 

  • Design and development of Universal Rotational Abrasive Flow Finishing Process.
  • Development of rotational tooling to improve the finishing rate.
  • Comparative study of Abrasive Flow Finishing [AFF] and UR-AFF.
  • Workpiece rotational speed imparts the Rotational.
  • The cylinder tubes made of hard steel also finished using UR-AFF process and this process greatly improves the form geometry along with surface finish.


  • Medical applications: Nano finishing of biological implants (knee joint, hip joint, heart valves, etc.
  • Automobile applications: Finishing of fuel injector nozzles, Engine cylinders.
  • Die industry: Can finish any complicated shapes of extrusion dies.

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