Rotational - Magnetorheological Abrasive flow finishing (R-MRAFF) Device and Method therefor Nano Finishing of Complex surfaces

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R-MRAFF tool for Nano meter surface roughness value

Mechanism and cross-sectional view of R-MRAFF process

Knee joint implant before (left) and after (right) finishing by R-MRAFF

Key Features: 

  • Novel arrangement of magnets and their pole directions for nano finishing of simple and complex surface components.
  • Tooling proposed for finishing free form surfaces to nanometer level surface roughness value.
  • Dual motion (rotation and reciprocation) of MR fluid for increasing contact time of abrasive particles with workpiece surface to be finished.
  • Use of permanent magnets which allows rotation of magnets in a much higher range and cheap as compare to electro magnets.


  • Medical industry
  • Aerospace, automotive
  • Die and mold making industries
  • Prosthetic implants manufacturers
  • Automobile manufacturers

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