River-Pass through a Dam or Barrage with Reservoir

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River-Pass with Reservoir

Fig.1-Typical Cross Section of River Pass in Reservoir

Fig.2-Typical Cross Section of River Pass at dam location

Key Features: 

  • It allows a river to remain a functionally united single river despite a dam or barrage, thereby allowing sustainable use of river resources without harming the river health.
  • It is a combination of ‘Fluvial Hydraulics’ and “River Ecology”.
  • It provides free-surface (or open-channel) flow through a conduit which is open at the two ends before and after the water reservoir.
  • It allows flow of river water and sediments and free movement of marine life in natural river conditions along the length of river


  • Water resources authorities
  • hydropower generation authorities and businesses
  • River management authorities and businesses

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