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Performance enhancement of RFID tags on conductive grids by introducing minor modifications in the conductive grid, but without changing either the tag design or introducing spacer between the grid surface and the tag.

Key Features: 

  • Local modifications are introduced to create high impedance region and hence the tangential component of electric field on the surface is enhanced.
  • This enhances the performance of an RFID tag placed in that region.
  • Very attractive in situations where the modifications can be incorporated into the product at the design stage.
  • No additional cost to the product, since the proposed idea does not require the use of additional spacers or modifications to the tag.


  • RFID tagging of chassis of the appliance, heat sink, protective skin, shielding, outer body, thermal vents or air vents, inspection vents etc.
  • Can also be used to tag composite structures made of conducting strands, e.g. carbon composites, textile with conductive strands, insulating material with conductive surface treatment, and glass with metal reinforcement, e.g., vehicle windscreen, inspection window, etc.


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