Recuperative Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Vortex Burner System

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This recuperative burner is designed and developed to recuperate the exhaust heat to enhance its efficiency burner with low emission level that can be used for industrial applications

Key Features: 

  • A novel recuperative vortex LPG burner has been designed and developed indigenously in our laboratory based on concept of asymmetric vortex combustion.
  • Swirl is imparted to air to stabilize the flame over a wide range of operating condition.
  • In this burner, fuel and air are introduced separately creating a partially premixed vortex flame in the burner.
  • Flame stabilization particularly at high power level.


  • The burner can be used combustor for running gas turbine engine, rocket engines heating, drying, etc.
  • It can be used for other industries like, steel, coke, metal, glass making, pottery, etc.

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