PVA-Boronic Acid Containing Copolymer Compositions for Protein Delivery

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Phenylboronate containing co-polymer particulate compositions are described which can deliver proteins in a stimuli responsive way in the presence of a monosaccharide.

Key Features: 

  • Phenylboronate containing co-polymers (PCC), compositions containing PCC and polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) are described.
  • Such compositions can further encapsulate proteins, by water in oil polymerization.
  • Methods of using the protein containing compositions for releasing proteins in stimuli responsive fashion is demonstrated.


  • Phenylboronate based particulates can be exploited for protein delivery.
  • Besides glucose sensitive delivery systems, such particulates may also be used in more general analyte (monosaccharide) responsive controlled protein delivery applications and in growth factor delivery in tissue engineering scaffolds.

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