Process for Synthesis of Sonicated Hierarchal Web of Carbon Micro-Nano-Fiber and Applications thereof

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Methods for synthesizing a variety of carbon micro-nano-fibers based adsorbents and/or catalytic adsorbents that are related to the specific environmental remediation.

Key Features: 

  • Removal of recalcitrant solutes such as Pb, Hg, pesticides in industrial or agricultural effluents.
  • Micron-size activated carbon fibers (ACF) as substrate used to grow carbon nanofibers (CNF).
  • Provides especially designed and fabricated apparatus for impregnating ACF/CNF and for growing CNF by CVD.


  •   Control of emissions of gaseous pollutants such as S02, and volatile organic compounds (VOC).
  •   Control of persistent organic pollutants, including chemical warfare agents (CWA).
  •   Recovery of protein and tetramycin from biofluids in pharmaceutical applications.
  •   De-nitrification of potable water enriched with nitrogenous ions.

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