A Process for Preparation of Micron Sized High Molecular Weight Polymer

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The invention the preparation of high molecular weight micron sized polymers (Mw~lxl05'):

Key Features: 

  • Spherical particle.
  • Better crystallinity.
  • Better modulus.
  • 98% yield.


The uses of polymer microparticles includes:

  • The creation of nanostructured materials using lithographic technique.
  • Fabrication of nanoscale devices for sensing the electrical and fluorescence properties.
  • Production of nanoscale arrays for electronic, and optoelectronic devices.
  • membrane filters with controlled pore sizes.
  • Well defined layers in blends.
  • Polymer particles having metallic coating used for passive damping and energy-absorption systems.
  • Flip chip packing application, etc.

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