Process for Nitration of Macromolecules

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Improved method for the nitration of organic macromolecules. More particularly this novel process is developed for gas-solid phase nitration of organic macromolecules employing oxide of nitrogen (NOX] in presence of air.

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  • The oxide of nitrogen consist of nitrous oxide (N20), nitric oxide (NO), dinitrogen dioxide (N202), dinitrogen trioxide (N203), nitrogen dioxide (N02), dinitrogen tetroxide (N204) or dinitrogen pentoxide (N20s) or a mixture thereof.
  • The process employs oxide of nitrogen (NOx) in presence of air or its constituents in gaseous phase in ratio of 1:0.25 to 1:2 to produce nitrated macromolecules.
  • The reaction is carried out in the temperature range of 60°C - 140°C.
  • The reaction time varies from 3-12 hours.
  • The solid-gaseous phase nitration of organic macromolecules takes place in a fluidized bed reactor.


  • Separation technology.
  • Automation industry.
  • Fuel cell.
  • Protein synthesis & catalysis.

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